Articles of Impeachment invade my favorite tv program


Steven Colbert – not be confused with – professor of political science from Truckee meadows community college – Brian Fletcher has issued – among-st other things – a serious evidence of impeachment –

Although transcripts of the video are not disclosed – by Steven Colbert – no one person has impeached and removed eight federal officials—all federal judges—at the same time any president was present to see them in the first place.

Seeing them is a spectacular thing – sitting there outside on the porch stand – they never left Oklahoma City – Oklahoma. Do they work? – What do they do on a typical day is easier to answer than leaving Dulles International Airport. What am I doing there -Well, I am looking for the space shuttle. And for a moment – in time – what an Obama scheme – who is there to meet their love ones.

What is going on at Dulles International Airport? – Why should anyone vote in the affirmative was a better answer – when they had vanished the next day with a new set of characters at Outback steakhouse.

This will easily be the contentious argument that no-one wants to answer – in front of a lousy projection television – make the cat sick from hairballs – or suitcases full of money.

My Idea of selling junk – is over – its not enough to rely on a sales department to move people from a 32-bit bus to a 64-bit bus. – Its frighting to hear what the president actually said about it – about the Republican Party. President bush Discussed an ideology – in front of the whole world while I was hiding in a kahki – rather than suit pants.

What money says for most people is debatable -for myself the new ten dollar bill was printed in the same year as the new Eddie Bauer catalogue. Online.

Who did that? – Jupiter’s name is on there – and the plates at the United States mint are not easy to contrive – not. I had tried years ago – during the Bill Clinton presidency – because of the broad scope of his itinerary- this kind of artistry – with a ping pong paddle – to no avail – it was dangerous – A gigantic Chineese monkey hung over the entire neighborhood for days – I would never try this again –

So there is a Dragon – just there – and it bites – over and over again – how can they move it inside without making another monument besides – wow.

This is honestly the only thing that saved me from being discovered throughout my wanderings – the only thing my mind pandered to – after following the strange woman beside the Astrologer’s office in Washington, DC. The only thing that could move the rocks on the side of a Gigantic cliff face near the Skyline Drive.

Stigma – Cauliflower ear – or Pharaohs curse – giant monkey. giant monkey. omg.

What is the president doing – invading steven colbert. How is something for another day – A day about walking through casinos – very very drunk – running with wild coyotes – in Nevada – Actually picking up a delivery of Lucky Charms from General Mills in Sacramento, California. –

Old Sacramento is a valuable thing to see beside the western rail road system – but giant monkeys are even more valuable – why? – what is the congress cursing? – anything they want with a giant monkey – ?

Very very likely. More likely than anything I have to say about it at all. –

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