Conrad Roy III -?


Today the Supreme Court – antagonized Michelle Carter into to 15 months – and by saying as much; did not have the reaching effect that a mini-mum security prison would have without – a felony conviction –

And there was no guilt: “I thought you wanted to do this. The time is right and you’re ready, you just need to do it! You can’t keep living this way.”

With or without any feceious consignment – do it is an understatement. So yes, anyway – why did they keep posting dumb texts? – While I was in control of Jupiter? Possibly the prodigy of Janus himself –

Get some Japanese style glasses:

Say OFF – and while answering the phonesend it back through the post while you answer the same call – and leave the bone collectors for good – that sounds about right – Except for the term phone – Go look at yourself in the mirror –

So when somebody serendipitouly claims that they own a defective phone – it should have been investigated beforehand – that in saying it is a phone – it has these characteristics – and NOT THOSE –

“You can’t keep living this way.”

Isn’t that enough? –no. Get some German Glasses:

It sounds dumb – if you say so – but not more than likely – it is a dragon saying so. I didn’t know that – how cruel would it be then to be-live anything at all – that conrad roy says – and for that matter a dragon – at all –

Very very cruel – the likes of which I hope that no one ever hears – “You can’t keep living this way.”

How about Spanyards themselves:

She is wearing a turtle neck sweater – first of all – ends

What about American glasses:

“Ms. Carter’s self-serving statements and behavior, leading up to after his suicide, appear to be irrational and lacked sincerity,” the members said.

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