Game of thrones – the end?


Not really – if you count episode 10 from season one – which – is now free on the HBO channel. George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire

And that’s about all he is Author of – I would be scared of him – or rather his resemblance – and now for that matter -his likeness which is enough for anybody –

What is the story about? – Its clearly not about comparing one thing with the other – its not about taking the hypocratic oath to Peter Dinklage – even if you did see him life stealing – with your own eyes – 

It is very hard to watch – like most films today – but if it were a film – wouldn’t it be easy-er – to watch – if you had recorded it –

At what point is so difficult to understand – says Dinklage – that in so doing – this is the terrible place it is going to – I am – sitting – not standing.

Without going crazy – I took a few breaths through the pricks – the pricks of King David – King Louis and Among-st others – King George the third – I can see why Peter Dinklage is easily slips by – a Harry potter ride from dear Ha-grid – a not so famous actor – who played Cyrus the Virus – and finally – charity – from your boss who says that you dont have to clean up blood –

And – who so ever would sink so low as to force swordplay in a film – that is if it is a film – Peter Jackson clears that up for all of us – wow.

Where is the line drawn between what is going on? So – who is going on – Pluto is . Venus is. Saturn is – and he continues – to say that – why would you then Murcury take anything upon your self –

So headed to Neptune – Dinklage goes at the life stealing again – an expert – a bishop – a very interesting series to watch – but then – pluck your eye out – I hope that he doesent actually do it –

what are the reactions to it stopping? – lol

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