Prince Phillip – 98 home from hospital


Older people have strange feelings about the hospital – well – don’t go if you don’t have a good enough reason. But we’ll be ok at the over 55 apartments – whenever that happens – and ride the bus because today is a holiday – there is no way to know if prince phillp does know if it is for sure – with a limp –

“The Duke of Edinburgh has today left hospital after being discharged by his Doctor and is now back at Sandringham. His Royal Highness would like to thank everyone who sent their good wishes,” the palace rep stated.

Yes. I don’t even have one red cent – wow. – Well, I’m not exactly giving it away either – the Queen – staying in Sandringham – over “a weekend”.

ANd – $$ Enojy the week-end –

Weather hard-heads cast it to the ground or give it to buster brown besides – in the corner of your reading room – things like –

“The Sun reported that Prince Philip had little energy and had difficulty walking. “

Are put to ivy spots – and that’s that – says my tow-bar – and the extremely exacting – pneumatic brakes – are cheerful squid –

So there is plenty of Vinegar to drink – as well but no money at all – for gasoline. – Hopefully.

A terrifying trans-versal – that is only but necessary – and at only the highest of prices –

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