Vatican said Cardinal Sodano was stepping down


In all seriousness as serious goes – it goes this time because of old age – and who would blame him? –

Murcury says – send it to st. elezbeth ann seton – Saturn says – pay attention to bringing up your lashes while capturing souls –

Capturing souls -? Alright it may be my own – Cardinal Sodano – Cardinal – is stepping down? – wow so recently I discovered what that is to say- why – oh well. Nobody really cares –

So, stepping down means to say that – I know my status – although your good graces are enough – down here.

So come to the hallowed ground – and step down. ? Alright – so constructing the second – by the hour is Cardinal Sodano –

I don’t know who cleans the isles by only one day and I had looked to see – to see a freshly mopped floor – an extremely daunting task – one endured for the rest of your life – and for nothing; all but to be accused of being rotten – I understand.

Earlier, in the late 1990s, Cardinal Sodano is believed to have closed down Vatican investigations into notorious child abusers Cardinal Groer of Vienna and founder of the Legionaries of Christ Fr Marcial Maciel.

It is a terse subject – however a Cardinal typically oversees an onslaught – a pickery – or a bad painting job – but to say as few words as possible – including terrible cursings – someone told me about water – and how terrible the water was. Or how soft it was – very very strange you soft water –

Someone even went as far as to talk about thriller – the Michael Jackson movie – and it was all the more reason to believe the cardinal.

But – you know, I believe the cat. – hide over there while all of this is occurring. – there – get it? What about there – where is there? – lol What in the world – so enter there – and get one of those – and give it to them.

I could go on – but I missed Bruce Lee – his dojo – by toys r us – nobody bothers me -right? I missed Mike Tyson – and his brutal – and I mean devastating knock outs. Right?

So, I had better find out before I make it my own. How could one phrase send a deafening rage through my entire being like that – sex abuser – Isn’t that somebody else’s problems – yes.

In a priestly reversal – its a problem with Riesling Sp├Ątlese – and where it is – where is the relining spotless? I don’t know. Ill try to find it for you –

For the rest of your life. ?

Maybe –

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