Impeachment Hearing –


I was wise to it

Getting off of the impeachment hearing for President Donald Trump – was is a very severe contentious argument that has turned its self over and inside out –

The two intelligence committee members – members of the house of representatives – presumably in charge of the white house inquiry hearing- were entered into the record as having extensive intelligence of the entire proceeding – and from start to its finish – at around 5:55 PM EST I had turned off the television – which was very much in my own personal interests –

Whatever role the president played it was one with – you guessed it – money. Why is it so crude if he cant pay for any of it himself ? – This was the question and the answer.

So wind the cookoo clocks forward one hour – Where California dominated – and possibly decimated – the entire congressional hearing – So thing about it was this – I – have – not – finished – investigating – the – subject – matter.

This was so far away that it was out of reach – and no measure was given to the very cursory – broad picture that it was contending –

This was also the automatic gainsaying – and of whatever the president had in mind – which was no precursory at all – to the most interesting of all – candor. Anything and everything is completely unacceptable so long is this is still going on. No candor – Mr. President – So then what is going on ?

Reaching the top of this plateau – is neither you nor I – but something strange – odd being sum of its parts -The most fantastic of any of them was again – the representative from California – What ever is going on there – we would be powerless to stop it –

The final arguments after the house had been talking for nearly four hours was that there was no evidence for either of the The two intelligence committee members – the process of allowing Donald Trump to manipulate campaign funding is outrageous -and or what would prevent it from happening again!

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