Impeachment – again ??


Question one lawyer in an impeachment hearing – left to the elements – he is more terrible than alcohol abuse. He more than complicates the idea – the idea that – backwards and forwards are the same – and a palindrome – sorts the mechanics of leaving your home to retrieve groceries – on the same budget – abudget

Not Democrats – so… what about Liberals? – what about Republicans – what does the White House usually talk about? –

The president talks about it – Politics talk about you while you are at work – so I haven’t heard anything about myself –

And read it to him – try to take it from him – one of favorite gems -from a terrible terrible day that I hope never rises again – High School –

I don’t want to sort that – no not really – but most of it is about Virginia – the likes of which is extremely difficult to see – in cvs. Do you want to go – to cvs?


Desperately to escape cvs before buying a can of Cashews – go on – and with your head – that’s him standing just there – and don’t be late – of course. Because there is no other way to sort it –

So, then what about Vienna? – well – never-mind – we’ll never have the resource – full – ness – to collect all the shopping carts in time –

Why is the congress really procuring a hearing? – don’t get teary-eyed – I honestly don’t know – I don’t like the idea of something in the water – ?

Well, there are lots of things in the water – and none of them have to do with the president – none. of. them. So – today – chew on more cashews and hope we can make it back to safer waters – or a resort hotel – where another set of ludicrous fantasy – consumes you instead – lol

Oh – thanks I didn’t know that. Not really anyway –

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