Everybody knows the president is the president – right? – You call the president when you have any last words. If you served in the army – your given one last chance.

What about paying you to run the water – no. An inflated description of your commitment to your spouse or husband – It is neither about being espoused to anyone at all – or rather – we would say candidly – what was the memo that had led me there? It was my doing and there was no undoing – or so I have learned to the contrary –

So, that would be it – this was why I thought President Clinton was impeached – this is what was away at High School. It was terrible – and it was a phantasm – it was a phallic symbol – It was terrible to say the least about anything they were talking about at all – especially smoking and UN-excused absences. –

However the roman college is worse than it looks. All of these things are neither classified or otherwise, needing to be examined and or investigated. Or rather simply where do you want to college is a message in disguise –

curse them to the ground and ask politely

Nethanel Bacon led a rebellion near to Jeb Stuart – and they were hard men to understand – stealing supplies – and their cause was not a cause. – it was not a commission -and it was just not a requisition – it lacked any tact –

What is that you say? – well.

Amongst other humanities like – she-ra or he-man – or either of the two – or all of them together they remain the same – your authority over the subject matter is questionable – and where any guilt may be – is not only a cause for reason – but resentment – omg.

Where is this? Dont be surprised. – Two jacks don’t hold a pen. Two aces or all four aces don’t make a pair – I already know where that is. – This is why they continue their business any where at all –

What will we do? – You could write – but what if someone doesnt like what you are writing? – How can someone not like writing – or reading. I have given up on internet relay chat even for a different reason –

They don’t particularly care for musical talent – they don’t care for theatrical entertaining – what? – yes – all at once.

Read a book. – It has nothing to do with crossing the international date line and its not an “ellipsis” – But nothing about reading a book changes reading a book –


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