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Statements are often detected – but never compromised – how did they do that? – “I don’t hate anybody,” “He could have. He hurt me, there’s no doubt about it.” said Hillary Clinton. I don’t understand Hillary – but it looks like she is on the wrong page. –

That could definitely hurt her chances – She just wont say how either. Getting out is a big deal – think about it for a moment – get out – its a braud term – here is another – adeiu.

I would laugh off the page – except I’m not going to because of what I believe about Howard Stern – Howard Stern is the result of cable access and the confusion of the entire taxi cab business –

Taxi cab business you say? – yes. Those parts of Washington, DC are off – way off – and they bear no resemblance to the trucking industry – the likes of which were left to Greyhound. Inc.

So if you don’t know – Greyhound Inc – like many of Trumps sons and associates of Chelsea Clinton – how do you negotiate with anything she had in mind is at a chance for thieves.

The answer was either already answered – or it is atypical – of something else – that I hope that is neither –

But how in the world do you trust yourself with someone elses money ? – Buy county bonds – lots of them – being rich as Howard Stern already requires your full attention doesn’t it? – But this is out of their pocket books – in the stratosphere – there is little attention to what – but the county has that too.

So staying away from that business there is this:

” Sanders’ attacks against her did “lasting damage” to her chances in the general election.”

Honestly it did a whole lot more than that – what happens if there is no other alternative to her proposal – to sever her association with any Sanders would be catastrophic –

wouldn’t it. oh man – don’t change anything – please.

Well, I thought this was the answer – from New York – its not – ever! – However its disconcerting that the problem – after through investigation, can only be answered a certain way – far from any proposal from Howard Stern –

What is the business of Howard stern to me? What do you want? Solving this issue is in totality – World War II kind of stuff – But saying nothing for World War III is Hillary. Of course.

Or nothing about why a strange man is on cable access one night – talking about life stealing dwarves – wow. – So – dangerous as it is not even Hillary is approachable let alone Jerrys Kids – the telethon or radio shack.

But he did say this – Its a kitchen. lol

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