Quid pro qo



nobody really knows what -what became of trump’s candid – malefactored antagonists – or for that matter how they came to be. To be at all –

Its simple enough – sell – sell – sell – Its a welcome proposition that is – for how ever you chose to get there – is there any end to it? SO – they cant hear what is going on – at all? You really do – want to rent the bathroom in the sorority house? Spy on st. paully girl – or as they like to say – rent out your mothers wheel chair – pay the meter – well, never-mind alright –

The idea was this – sit here in a very very contentious – riotous space – watch m.a.s.h on a small black and white television – which they also give away – incidentally – but they also give away something else – that she doesn’t discuss – excuse me – why are you speaking to a statue –

It happens – being safe with lighting, – ahem – but still not the best way to deal with automatic weapons – IS – try praying to the hill that the cornel is sitting on – rather than your bed – or being trounced on in elementary school – by the likely sort – but for that matter – What also happens to children – well, I’m on a submarine and I cant get off – no perifrial – no space. none. I opened an umbrella indoors.

I thought that the presidents shows in Oklahoma – from CBS – were amusing – and how much I had missed Washington DC while I was away – One night on the apprentice, in a Hotel room for truckers – was him – Trump – He was personified as a whip wielding – pig farmer – almost like buying red hot potatoe chips – but not really. His potatoe chips are so expensive – no one can afford a ticket –

Tonight we can – oh man – Except me – and the answer that I had all but waited for – COYLY

What? – Wait one moment – Quid pro is discussed on youtube very very explicitly. Who is this woman and why does she have any more conscious by the president than I do?


She vanished –

What about the spirits – that inhabited the hallways and empty stairs – habber on week they have been dying since the day they were born – well I missed you – ? on the submarine –

no thats not going away – this lady was impossible to figure out – we drove on the bus to her strange house – but she was never there – we could always hear her – on the back of the bus – but obviously I had no grip for this mystery – what was I missing – omg. Alright it worked.

UNTIL NOW – quid pro qo is really the end. thats that. lol

hot babes

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