Frozen II


Frozen is the cutesiest film evar. Or so I heard – so here is the script – elsa is a frozen dolly. I love dolly.

What? –

Nevermind. She has asthma and she is anemic if you want frozen III. I’ll stay with baby alive –

So, baby alive goes in the shower so that daddy doesn’t turn strange colors when you run the water? nope. How could you do that – how could you even buy her in the store and leave her. evar. George Washington –

Dont worry – King George III bought her. ooops. Washington, DC water is good for it. omg you freak – !

Bictor –

Bictor is a roman. And he is in charge of the water – How is he in charge of the water ? – again – never-mind. – I like the strawberry patch ok?

Who – moving on is hard to do – Mercury would fit the bill – with his staff – he avoids getting hit in the mouth – the – mouth.

See I told you this was hard – So Saturn is there when he reaches Pluto – Pluto is very hard to see – like compact concrete – he is free. So no – thats not concrete – its a Disney film. A Disney film about a beautiful pillow you can buy in the store. – and when it wears out –

omg. It didnt/.

Thats the first clue. – Laugh it up with King George III – While Elizabeth I – is near to his heels – with the water – PROBLEM. Being frozen is not that bad –

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