Best places to live on what?


Smart asset is delinquent and living beyond their means. What can you do about it? So what happened to sand piper club? We cant work for rehabilitative services either?

Everyone knows what – from the first few set of carbons – but here is the end of it –

For details on our data sources and how we put all the information together to create our final rankings, check out the Data and Methodology section below.

So, Data and Methodology does not compute. Get another worksheet. Who is doing this work? Who is helping We don’t know if we tried to help. Looks like nobody is helping. – you don’t want any help. omg.

That is lower than the threshold of 30% which the Department of Housing and Urban Development defines as housing cost-burdened.”

places (It had been graded or awarded)

fourth (forth by forth in line – not by four)

in terms (there is a disagreement)

poverty rate (which is analogous to your nose)

coming in (and this is amortized by body odor)

I cant read any more much less save any 64,000 salary – is anyone seriously worth this much trouble? – maybe. lol It looks more morose than living this way – what will I do. Save money to earn credit cards for said budget. check. Mortgage someone else’s house. no.

Mortgage the cat. Build your own house. Find a pile of stones – Alright so there is no sandpiper club. I understand. check.

Oh wow. How can you earn $60,000 again?

that’s a lot of meat. omg.


It makes sense right? – so what about if nobody really wants to buy your
Data and Methodology meat?

It looks like they may have – the best places to live in my opinion have to do with this – not so funny

So otherwise you would be screaming – for work – screaming. Start cutting down trees and selling them –nope.

How did you get there? – I walked – I drove. whatver.

Try these places:

  • NV
  • AZ
  • KS
  • FL
  • WY

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