Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Be Leaving the Royal Family and Moving to California

moving to America

Burrell had also shared that Princess Diana had hoped to move to California, in a race for new classic shoes at the local mall but she refused: “Ironically, we had the plans for a house on the west coast of America in Malibu… We had the plans for that house, and we dedicated the rooms to William and Harry and the princess.”

And he continued: “Myself and my wife and the children were going to live above the house.”

But this was stopped altogether when I saw for myself how easy it was to live in California – Princess Diana’s former butler and assistant had not counted – on actually living there without any sort of money.

Columnist Dan Wootton believes that the couple will make a “part time move.” despite knowing what it is exactly that they do there at all. Weather or not harry forgoes the obvious. – these lofty heights belong to all but vagabonds – with no particular place to go – no where to call home – their likeness meets with three and four doppelgangers on any given day –

However where resentment for barbecues – meets racial equality – is charity and similar volunteer event hosting and pilfering – where they – Harry and then Megan – become celebrity – not including airs for fame – any Harry and Megan never considered any opinion at all. –

I would start with – dear sirs – why do you want to quit. We seriously don’t know. Signed – your friend and palmistry expert- xoxox

  • Never go unless you have a reason
  • Never start something you cant finish yourself
  • Mercury is particularly bright this evening. I don’t understand.

When Going particularly anywhere – that being the local grocery mart to buy ingredients for a bacon and onion quiche – or a baked manicotti – or polishing the graceful convertible – none of it fits – absolutely none of it. Without any money. Soory dear.

Or simply the miserable treading of water in your later years – none such the idea/ none at all for hot air or hot air ballooning or blowing them up – like Diana did – oh well.

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