Mark Hurd, Co-CEO Of Oracle, Dead At 62


Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd, who led two Silicon Valley giants, has died at 62. Oracle confirmed his death Friday, but gave no cause.

At Oracle, Hurd hired four thousand salespeople, according to a biography on his personal website, and pushed for cloud-computing investments. – ?

Oracle is known for its contracts – contracts with Governments to deliver database services – on the governments schedule. While Oracle resembles a deserted airport – there was something to be said for it – while walking toward the many offices in Reston, VA – which were near to Internet trunk lines – you would be very lucky to find even one marmot. –

These kinds of varmints – were valuable for a time – while at the same time advantageous for various kinds of vines – what kind of varmint would be tangled in the vines – vines being – understood and varmints – not so much understood. It was better to put them all into a data-center

How? – Such was life – for not only Hurd – but in the newspaper was another job advertisement for a strange – story like this one. Over and over again – technician wanted for a ludicrous ranting of skills and qualifications – while it made little sense to begin to understand why they were not calling for interviews but sending bills –

Larry Ellison , presumably said, “ousting Hurd was the worst personnel decision since Apple forced out Steve Jobs a quarter-century earlier.”

While this was full of resentment – resentment for enlisted – resentment for casino games – and resentment for your next door neighbor – a multi-billionaire – laughable at best – He graduated from Baylor University, where he played tennis. His wife Paula and two daughters – having nothing to do with a wage freeze – live in Manhattan, New York, NY

If there was anything to be said of Hurd – Its that he was following what was going on very closely –

How was I going to move – servers to local and county Goverments – with a “Cloud” – Find a practical way to use Windows – servers and UNIX servers, gather a certain dissociation to Novell – and get the newspaper –

All the while Hurd sold it already. I hope he doesn’t have to do anything else – for his sake. or anyone else – for that matter. –

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