Joaquín Guzmán


I followed Joaquín Guzmán – or a likeness of Guzmán to a late model camper van – only to be disappointed as it drove away – early in the morning.

The mountains of Mexico are beautiful – turned away by cowboy hats – that stop on a dime – or Immigration officers. This was not unlike the same area – an area in Falls Church, Virginia. Many many illegals – are turned away by social services instead.

What ever they are doing in the area near to the bowling alley – is incredible. There are 30 or more of these people – every morning. Every single morning. Nobody knows where they live – where they sleep – or what they do for work – On a different day – they cant be found. Ever. Even if you were looking for them in particular – Another man was –

Ovidio Guzmán Lopez

Part of the effort by the cartel to get Guzmán released reportedly included not only taking armed forces hostage, but also kidnapping their families.

How far can you go with a man who does exist:

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Friday, “You cannot value the life of a delinquent more than the lives of the people.

Thats not all he said in an ongoing investigation – “The government was forced to accept the cartel’s control over the city and not confront them,” Benítez said.

And all of this after realizing that there is no one to ally with – no one left to pander to; there was someone to reckon with – electronic correspondence – that being worthless – as far as sending and receiving emails –

Keeping appointments is another – and nobody stood in line for emails – or – a delinquent Hillary Clinton – at all.

However there is a twist to the story – the Federali – who are set to police them are found there as well ! – Along with illegal immigrants in Texas – on the back of a truck – if you so desire –

Any sort of strike – or plan – needs to be strategic – and not set against an invisible enemy – and I am certainly not – willing to forgo the same set of circumstances – as that morning – left for someone else to decide – even if they are the Fedarali –

But It wouldn’t hurt to have a natural color – or stucco border wall – ? Metal is lousy


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