Fortnite – unreal engine


Fortnite – an online game for the “Personal Computer” links the computerized tcp/ip protocol – a language that computers communicate with an another – turns players into online characters – and if not briefly – after listing its self status as endgame.

Endgame means that all the online players have lost interest in playing the game, such that group function no longer operates the same way. You cant use just any computer to play the game either –

The HP Elite Desk – Intel core i5-4590 at 3.30GHz equipped with four individual CPU chips – and it is not enough to run the game – no. Unbeliveable – It even has its own integrated GPU – and while I would need to buy some new memory modules – operating the Unreal Engine is risky –

Why is it risky – ?

  • Player Character / Movement – check
  • Navigation hub – check
  • Western World rendition – check
  • Artwork – work in progress
  • Path Projection – work in progress
  • Dimension Door – work in progress
  • Artificial Intelligence – work in progress

When the final project is rendered – it changes – into a mess – or the perfect project that you wanted to complete – and although I like the idea of a mulitplayer role playing game –

The path projection idea – rubs out using projectile weapons – not only by me but under alien supervision – all the changes are lost/ Making one move is making a hundred – and I don’t have enough memory to render the Unreal Engine successfully. – real.

So until then – you get a whole lot of half baked dulality- third person shooterss:

And remember all that time – its very sad – you are actively engaged with what -? A shooter game. The object of this game involves evil – violence to be more specific – I didn’t like this idea – a lot of people don’t. They just don’t like living that way –

It isn’t pleasant – But I would want to live there – despite being freezing cold – sometimes – to play a game with the computer – is better than nothing; but now a star or not – nobody can play to the rising sun:


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