Raging fires and hundreds of thousands without power. Officials fear it’s the ‘new abnormal’ for California



“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and the hardship, but we stand by the decision because the safety of our customers and communities must come first.” says Michael Lewis, who ever he may have been at the polls.

Contention remains over continuing to operate during and after devastating wildfires. No one person is sure of what to do when an investigation turns awry more than he does. There is a gauntlet – between to the two – that have walked away from the problem like nobody’s business.

In June, the company paid $1 billion in damages to local governments for blazes linked to its power lines, poles and other equipment. Not a popular idea for anyone even the court.

Jackie Speier posted on Facebook. about getting “the reliable, affordable power that they deserve” – when at odds with any standing ground – easy as getting the right pack of cigarettes – or going to jail the next day – both now of no consequence to either –

Thieves will be thieves – but there is a something strange about wildfires. Dont smoke – anywhere. Don’t smoke near me in 30 years time. From the same person – in California.

“We really want to put pressure on PG&E to make investments on their infrastructure to make it safe and reliable so they won’t have to shut down when there are weather events,” San Jose Deputy City Manager Kip Harkness said.

And so goes it – Nobody really knows if local governments keep a better balance sheet than PG&E – but I am guessing that they do. $1 billion — not popular for any pizza cutter is no other alternative – and at best shallow graves for – A curfew.

“This curfew is for the safety of the community to reduce the opportunity of crime,” the city of Morgan Hill said in a Facebook post. 

I thought astrology was bad – The 12th house is the 12th house – strange – though setting or rising – Saturn is focused. What is he focused on –

Margret thatcher being today’s celebrity – that would be a whole lot more than PG&E. Faith in life now – one foot is firmly planted on solid earth.
Like a montage – a managery – I think as strange as it may sound they will get through it all.

Even though there are – swamp monsters – yeti – and bugbears – to think about.

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