UAW-GM strike proving costly to more than workers, automaker


The Union pitch is not shooting fish out of a barrel – its constructing cars; or so I thought. For example, climbing a ladder can be a difficult proposition. Although it isn’t; because they are never heard from again, despite having a certain talent as a telephone operator in Nevada.

Dont let anybody piss ya off. – Its not good for business. Turning the other cheek is. –

For example – never go to the junk yard – for anything. What then is going on in Detroit – a strike. They mean to say that – in the north – Michigan – which looks similar to Florida – nothing – and I mean nothing can be found there –

Its altogether strange – how it happens – I cant find this that or the other thing walking from Walgreens to Walgreens – I settle in on jimmy’s tacos – saying nothing for the US Army.

So, they are delicious – I eat one – then the other – and still another. And I never stop to think about Las Vegas – how easy it is to drink a pint of vodka and go on to the next casino –

So I tried that – I walked around in the beautiful hotels – that were connected together – and stopped to listen to the band play – and play – and play – there was something I was missing –

You are responsible for your yourself – not anybody else. So it was – lovely Las Vegas – was even lovelier. Washington, DC was good for it – or was it.

No it was-ant – there was the problem of why the dreary museums lost my interest – How the many voices were heard out loud – Why there was a Fascination with Fair Oaks Mall – Huston, TX Mall, Olympic Village, CA and worst of all Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Jimmy’s tacos – has nothing on the “Dirty Jobs” series with Mike Rowe. However – the Union had a proposition all along – no we don’t have to work at Labor Ready or Labor Finders. At all – loln


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