A Provisional extension



In no uncertain terms – with an otherwise bothersome – troubled parliament. – Is a stranger problem. A very serious problem – 11.00pm GMT on 31 October 2019, until 11.00pm GMT on 31 January 2020

It sends my stomach turning – when knowing the dates of your employment is just as easy as verifying them with your employer. No, we cant go downtown – and we cant enjoy the convenience of anything at all.

Like eating plain beans out of a can – magic beans – with no hot sauce. I heard that I can make a good sandwich. So mash the beans ?- ruining the magic of eating them whole. – Soon, hunger – is gone – they go well with water and more drinking water – it is near torture. What a strange effect. – beans are.

But anyway – is there any alternative – asks Lord Pentland – It was not received well.

“I was peeling album covers”

“Peeling the labels off the bottles of bud as they land on the floor”

To make matters worse – is one of my own contentions – nothing has changed. What do you do about that when you finish winding up the other end – remember?

No. not really. To ignore – When they really find out what is it is they are doing – what is that they do – peddling for attention – and not too simple, simple as zoizia grass covering where beagles are housed as hunting dogs –

No. not at all. – What then – find a way to suspend them in mid air – exalt the album covers – like cafe Bustello. Thats my picture there – what is your problem? The only problem that fits the narrative-

Thats just how it goes – so stop asking why. You’ll sound like a petulant perturbance – and hearing it is worse. So, my prayers are strange – skateboarding – and digging ditches – I don’t know Richard – badger. badger. badger. mushrooom.

I have stopped with that – although the hill between them is trying to breathe – leaving the cause for asthma – the only exention.

So I tried to anylize the extention – I’m camouflaged – and wearing gloves – my hands are blistered – there is no more energy – and the man next you keeps going. lol Thats the answer to that.

A man is the answer- I didn’t know adults were adnept. – pay your attention once more – the only reason. a can of beans.

No. no really – a can of beans –

Anyway – leaving the EU is not as daunting as levying the EU – granted it forms part of the active treaties of the European Union. Or does it? –

Certainly not. – Even if you can afford to whitewash – its just as confusing as Hooters restaurant. I understand that Economic changes are disastrous. The stripper club is disastrous. – I have not returned to Hooters or Archabald’s – in 20 years –

I just think it will be interesting to argue the Royal Government elsewhere; in the same way – as I have.



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