The unlawful house of cinnamon


No one knows the misery of a house of commons like Boris Johnson – who would halfheartedly be put out in the middle of a storm – He has a magic chain letter – he has promissory notes in his pockets -and amazing to say the least – he is still awake.

“There was an atmosphere in the chamber worse than any I’ve known in my 22 years in the house.” “On both sides passions were inflamed; angry words were uttered… the culture was toxic.”

I would never dare to open – youtube on the subject – and all but once to see the outcome of the previous prime-minister – they are always full of fantastic notes – resolutions, and foreign countries. Be-live they are fascinated with – Brexit.

I could never continue without being sure what to do – what to do when a terrible thing set its self in the way – in the way of doing anything at all – I had thrown acorns at Steven – while he sat in his chair – impervious to what he had said or did. – I tried not to laugh and it was serious business.

What serious business you say -? Go to gather the herbs – the chamomile. Because we don’t know what was said until its too late – and there are no more aquamarines to share. Only strange chain letters –

There is no more dreaming here – no more to pulling my leg – and no more 70w bulbs at home depot. What will they do? –

stare at a cereal box.

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