Dark-web Three – huh?


Ordering illegal drugs. Ordering illegal drugs. Ordering illegal drugs. One more time – and six – As you know I am impartial to buying any sort of drugs – and it doesn’t have to do with having a good complexion. It has to do with friends – it has to do with keeping friends – and unfortunately it has to do with making friends.

If you need to make friends – then lugging around a gold toilet is not in your faculties or in your suitcase. Its more likely to be in your bag. Going through your bags – you cant really bring them home from Amsterdam, Netherlands. So ordering illegal drugs is not really in anyone’s interest. Or the rent a USPS. wow

Anyway, in your travels -hiring a hit-man is inexcusable. If you loose control over your misfortune – there no other way to orient yourself toward hiring one in the first place than to revel in your abandon. – and abandoned – is not easy to spell.

If you can spell abandoned – a-b-a-n-d-o-n-e-d – then visiting the park is another. What park you say? –

Order a mystery box instead – why would anyone want to learn to be a witch from a mystery box – its a terrible terrible thing to loose the art of astrology – let alone order a m-y-s-t-e-r-y b-o-x of witchcraft’s –

Oh well – there is my seven sided pentagram – so much for nuclear explosions – 34:20

seven sided star

Obliterated – Destroyed is not even incinerated – yet – Satan doesn’t really have any reason – particularly if you want compare one Satan with the other – to dig with this spade – don’t cry – mystery boxes kind of spoil it. Like some others like to torment people – its much easy-er – to order weapons on line – there is nothing like a .50 caliber machine gun – is there? – yikes.

Finally, sex trafficking – not only do you have to duck and cover out of the way of this sun – it is necessary to find sexual partners for a piece money? –

I think its more difficult to avoid getting cancer – or Satan on Mars. Either one of the two – is less likely to be the answer – Deadly. But that’s who it is.

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