Its not popular to play bars – or much to do with walking for miles in Florida – or how Diamond Cab ended up at the university of Nevada. People are very resentful about the homelessness found in San Francisco.

Nobody understands what sleeping on a Metro grate is about – its a little bit warmer but not much – in the middle of the road – the best way to avoid it is to pay the first person you see a city fair –

$1 will navigate you through Washington, DC just as well as buying a newspaper at the newspaper machine – and being over-charged for it at the convenience store.

What is operating the convenience store – its confusing when they are not hiring. In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Mr. Trump’s remarks “ridiculous” Making it then – extremely difficult to understand.

However another homeless person contends that the coffee shop is overcharging on Sundays – street vendors and store operators that have no right to be open – are not open at all. It is possibly the strangest thing I have ever seen – missing the bus – on Friday to commute to Fairfax, Virginia. Other cities do not allow street vendors to operate in Fairfax Virginia. Making the entire city a very strange – and I mean very strange place to park your car.

Another homeless person really needed more – he needed a cool $20. So I gave it to him – The same man wanted $20 – I was hoping anyway. I was right; he did – so I gave him $20. – However, a man in a wheelchair wanted a sandwich – I was horrified. He lost his legs – the only ones he has to work with; after everything else goes wrong. I bought a subway sandwich for $5 and ate half – and I gave it away too –

How much money did I spend so far – $46. Yes. It is that bad. – The only thing that I can take away from the CBS article. There is no escape. Where is the other penny? – SIR

$46 + $1.50 + 1.50 = $49

I paid for the newspaper twice – And I always keep my receipt – $49 It is a terrible – terrible sinking feeling. But they told somebody the answer – in addition to some very very serious posts –they are unable to identify.

In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Mr. Trump’s remarks “ridiculous” and said storm drain debris is filtered out at city wastewater treatment plants so that none flows “into the bay or ocean.”

One more reason to believe the President. period How do they know these things is another – doors opening on the right – is another fearsome reason – anyway.

Get on it and see where it goes after the train operator – checks to see if anyone had been caught in the doors – how.

Chief Joseph has it in for California though – The city set up public toilets and last year announced formation of a special six-person “poop patrol” team to clean up the human waste. –

But somebody is listening to what –

The red hot chili- peppers. Is it a problem for somebody else’s bank account? where does it end -? at various receipts that read – checking balance – $421. I can hear him now – behind the railroad tracks – racing radio controlled cars – in the local park –

Some of the parks that are over the foothills are more impressive however- and have fishing areas – too bad it was so cold I couldn’t catch a bait fish.

Shall we insist – you might just half to – if that were your dinner! – Places in California are generally friendly kind – places to be – but if this is to be discussed – it will be.


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