Britney – conservator-ship results are unclear


Louisiana is better for Brittney spears – who writes: “Don’t believe everything you read and hear,” a popular thing to believe – and while writing social media posts isn’t everything; its something else.

Jamie Spears remains conservator of the singer’s finances and nobody knows what a conservator is –

I guess its more fun to drive around in convertible cars. a-n-yway.

Kevin Federline who had divorced Spears – goes on to say that Jamie Spears had abused one of his grandsons during a visit at his home. According to reports, he also “violently shook” a 13-year-old. While It was unclear who the grandson is.

Undoubtedly there was no interest in the story. That being – it was unpleasant – even if he had a moped. Not surprising that it had nothing to do with being at odds with the Grandson, All and all – putting yourself before others – the vanity remained very much a mystery. That is to say; what ever it is that they do with a $426,000 salary; is not a popular narrative to begin with. This time they really don’t know – having no excuse at all; what they are doing remains just as mysterious.

So then altogether, plus for people fighting in an apartment. I hope they get out of the conservator ship – if ever.

however – here is a tiny clue worth looking into – the Los angles times reports – The #FreeBritney hashtag was trending yes. Remember to lock your door and don’t loose the key – and one moment –

Look at Captain Jack Sparrows – eyes – when he says, “One of you succeeded” is that me? Britney Spears is hard to see – that’s for sure.

Here is another clue – I don’t want you driving around with your grandmother’s fur-nature – the diner looks like a movie set – while the hotel is litter-ally impossible to arrange any per-diem. –

Maybe she sympathizes with us -and the internet. – I learned from the best – there is no doubt in my mind – look who is talking – there but anyway – its really this simple – I was too high above it – you cant have it – we don’t want you and the only way to come – down from britney – is to sincerely beg God. Beg him for mercy – please put me back that way – no one will be able to forgive me or my grandfather – there. resulting in tragedy. – and heating pads. ooops./

No interest. None at all. lol +++

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