John Bolton’s departure


Does Trump – know how many Jhon Bolton’s there are? – His departure is at odds with Mrs. Olgetree – in the Las Vegas deserts – Its with the National Guard in Illinois – It skirts the local bus ride between oblivion and the next truck stop – but most of all – He is the commerce secretary – I trust him like no other – under the bowels of society – he stood upright. –

Moreover, the former NSA was a key proponent of the aborted strike on Iran and of regime change there,” Kupchan noted. “The chance of U.S. strikes on Iran, all else equal, also goes down with his departure.

If she cant do her job then – I don’t know what – best said by what – none other than John Bolton.

Mostly I don’t care for it – impartially what is meant to say for someone else can get you into very serious trouble – Talk about yourself – I don’t like living this way – well you’re going to have to learn – absolutely without question – the most deadly thing I have ever heard – in Mrs Ogletree’s gym class.

So it’s – @#^$ all And then this – He can do whatever he wants – because they are doing nothing at all. very seriously. He is fired – for the rest of his life – whatever that may actually be – there is certainly a mind for this –

further escalation of #EconomicTerrorism against Iran.

It means to say it is very slighted – and there is nothing more – while Dalton disagrees leaving- “as a prelude to multilateral talks.” a mystery to everything else – the blind –

Didn’t I tell you that beforehand – no

The president has made it clear he’s prepared to meet with no pre-conditions,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

While President Trump – continues a terrible narrative – like setting out your good silver ware – “next week.” in a trump baseball cap – I don’t be-live that he wants to hear what I say – I just think its gross too – and its particularly difficult to negotiate any condition for gainful employment –

But I could be wrong – if Jhon Bolton is the boss – while sounding absolutley ridiculous I think Jhon Bolton is resentful about being prepared to “meet” – saying nothing for the president – at all.

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