Lost in the Himalayas


The president said something odd today among-st others –

“Ross called acting NOAA Administrator Neil Jacobs and told him to fix the National Weather Service’s contradiction of Trump’s claim. “

While the NOAA is known for actually using Visual Basic 2017; and the government generally – has-ant started; but I took an in-depth – look at it myself; and while pragma-once would be the key issue there –


That link would be – the see all end all – while a Commerce Department spokesperson denied the story. The NOAA official said he will investigate if the agency violated its own ethics – but make sure you don’t loose them – because they got rid of the ethics –

And beware – if the White House thinks – feels – like you had already lived there once – you had never – returned from the Himalayas or Tibet. Like so many USGS people with lame photographs- the only way to make good on the photographs – if and when you – actually look at them; is exchange the photograph for – crunches at the commerce department.

That is – to say if If you do want to – token exchange is not pleasant – and it takes a real tough seat at the ballpark –

Like this one:

Life Magazine

(hint- there are a lot of hills in this story)

Or the famous planet of the apes – If you don’t need any hills at all – there is always the painted desert – a riotous way of explaining yourself – to something – naturally. – sometimes the only way – anyway –

“I haven’t heard that yet but I am sure if they did, I will,” said Sen. John Thune, a republican from South Dakota -and not necessarily -the Sierra Nevada at all.

Never the less – but likely never – he is somewhere – lol


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