Crossing that line – with Ozzy Osbourne himself


“Ozzy: I was with a bloke once and he was telling me that he used to shoot heroin with LSD! I was like: “Are you fucking mad?!”

Morrison: I love the cartel stuff.

Ozzy: They shoot up families, everything. Ozzy also made a disgusting coke revelation.

Alternative Nation writes a lot of things, but I don’t know of many people with that much of anything to continue without shooting heroin – to play the many ballads – and the force that drives them to look into all of our personal lives so well – LSD.

LSD is a very sore subject. Day in and day out is a house with one room – that you cant escape – its impartial to what School day it is – and who is living there. Or how they are living there. It is just there.

Every single day. – and there is no way to determine which way is up because it is bottomless:

Billy Morrison: You’re homeless under a bridge downtown.

Ozzy Osbourne: With my coke machine from The Osbournes.

Billy: And the Chipotle voucher thing. Just so you know, we have a running joke that if everything turns to shit, he’s got a Coca Cola machine-

Ozzy: Which was donated for free.

Billy: And a lifetime Chipotle thing, so we’re going to be alright, even if we live under a bridge.

Ozzy: I can have my sign: ‘You can kick my ass for a buck.’”

I know someone like this – we all do – while it was just a matter of time before he would have to go himself – don’t kick the gift horse in the mouth. – If there was no way start work elsewhere – than that – what will I do – smoke and spit.

The other thing about rock stars that I didn’t tell them -what ever it is that they decided to do – a real let-down – is that they are extremely arduous and stubborn – what did your negro friend say about that Mr. Mr.

It was-ant pleasant – having the right idea – is more like not being able to read – think about that – I cant read. –

Is he lying about it – what is that billy is getting at eh? – time will tell – Wait one moment – how is it that he can afford to be so reckless – ha. ha.

Nope. Go on – They shoot up families, everything – can Ozzy continue in his right mind – no. I don’t really want to shoot her-ion sir. So pit- less – never the less – the coca cola machine has an undefeated – security device that wont allow us to continue either. –

It was worth looking into – so they say – it was so terrible – a terrible terrible lonesomeness – Is that what America was about ?- Its all your fault for busting them you know – you put them in jail – Im also tired of it – so they went with it – lol +++ ahhh….

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