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Ozzy Osbourne is troubled again – or maybe inspired as of lately. One of his best songs was Iron Man – That I could only identify with my plastic fireman hat. – They’re free if you go to visit there – hmmm.

It sounded evil – a one eyed evil Linda Gail – was evil enough to play the rest of the song anyway – what is evil – for example – cut an inter-tube in half and blow bubbles in the bathtub with it – why is it so funny – what is going on? We don’t know –


Never-mind –

Thats what life is like – for rock stars – ??? This is their trouble – I liked this sort of thing – we needed to go to the gas pump to get gas Ozzy – that’s all

I was going to die it was so funny – so I started sucking the ivy patch to stop from keeling over – this is so stupid. well. well.

It is. Start counting your blessings – It gets worse – in his latest video that trolls over these lands like a breakfast cereal that you don’t have – and incidentally you cant get –

The music has your blood on it – how did he do that – anyway – just keep walking that way – toward the sky – that’s more than likely how –

How? – The sun has-ant shined in days and weeks and it is always raining here – thats how and why.

So, here is another mystery – drug-lords – why would anyone think drug-lords are popular – they are popular because if you hold two of them with the other – the other is inescapable – that’s why. sir.

It works – something that he talks about like a rock-star works – is what they are getting at – while being evil is another – its is consequential – someone is playing drums to it. – loud –

And if the drums are wrong – its very very bad – famine and pestilence kind of bad – so – what ever they have is working – right- what is he talking about going broke – alright? He doesn’t know – whooo. WPGC 95.5 burnt toast and coffee time – also Sounds like a more popular jingle than iron man –

not today really. $$$

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