Field Medic


Something terrible happened to me not long ago – I was walking quickly and hit my foot against something very very hard. –

foot after injury
someones foot – after time

I had an idea – not knowing that the foot would also swell and eventually bruise. Go inside the tree; and suck it with my injured foot. It was more sensitive than normal – but it wasn’t safe to post my idea online – but to lift it the same way the moon does- at night.

This was during the day – the moon is so confusing – you had better know which person it is that is there – the moon or the sun. Your father or the temporary medical services office. Which is it? – the sun.

I devised a simple scheme – this taking many many years – thirty years –

To discover something very strange – this sun is covered in rocks – such that there are many different ways – to decipher — the rocks –

The rocks from which sun — halt. Suck the trees from this sun – from these rocks – into your foot – it worked – UN-leavened – even. The shoo bread –

swollen foot

What would make this impossible – not many things – but my foot didn’t forget the pin – or the pin number.

Protect your pin number – mine is a tree – all the time. What if the pin number was in the sky? – that would make things difficult – wouldn’t it? –

Im not surprised that aliens are on there way here already to rid themselves of this sun – find a meteorite – something – throw it at them – Global warming and pollution is not a game anymore. Is it? – would you like some of that – please – But now – here is this: omg

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