Jonathan Frakes Had Anxiety Attacks Over His Return to Star Trek: Picard


Its no wonder that number one has anxiety over the star trek series – one recent episode was over the top and down the side of the grand canyon – so what –

I have re-gained control of the enterprise – all I had to do was allow my father to visit – which is no easy thing – because – my father is not his father – and we all know who we are talking about – or did we ?

My guess is yes if you had seen the original series – I believed that when I was 11 years old – it brought hope and meaning to an otherwise dull – outlook on life – You would think that Jonathan Frakes would share the same Idea – would it or would it not be popular for the next – episode – is the real anxiety. – We have to go against the grain – and face nearly 200 years of history – to solve earth’s greatest problems or one right here at home –

indins –

Cowboys and Indians is not very amusing – especially for westerns – an influential anxiety is not popular –

I had defeated myself –

Its easy – match who is inside your apartment with the one in the sky – then shut the door – a depression is left in the center of the room – got any ideas??


NO. no sir. Many doctors would simply disagree with the episode and move on – but doctors don’t have a chance – when indins are involved – you could destroy your mind with a Walkman while captain pica-rd enjoys his own dialog over the hills and through the woods – or use the power of two –

Likely something people don’t know – is that I used the dimension door spell to watch it – including lasers – or banging two crystals together – which is the major pitfall Jonathan Frakes faces – ancient magic is not something he wants to deal with –

So I don’t know – apart from girlfriends I had – or want to have – is Jonathan Frakes? huh?

Anyway – where is she – where is my imaginary friend? – you wouldent’ guess where. – another thing for breaking up imaginary falling rocks –

I honestly couldn’t contend with her and work at the same time if that says anything – I would be very interested to know what he thinks.- Where is the hope – ? omg. and It looks like the topic will be addressed prudently

So, I was a nervous wreck. It ended up going very well. But don’t let anybody tell you it’s like getting back on a bike. That’s bullshit. That’s acting bullshit.”

Such language number one – did you know riding your bicycle into a war means you have to ride it into a – WAR?

no. we really didn’t – but I guess that is the best he can do for it right now – that being star trek – but riding into a war is deathly – people you haven’t seen in years are standing just there – when they had all – never-mind alright

wow that is really really heavy – that’s all. I cant see the plot anywhere soon – which is also included – I suppose. But no – here is what he thinks:

“both Ryan and Frakes were able to deal with their stresses, speaking out about the weight of expectation they feel is a powerful reminder

Its more than that – its no – just no. ok?

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