Uk Suspends parliament twice –


The UK was originally scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March. After Parliament rejected a star-wars like deal – that is contentious – that bests one thing –

I want to hear about you – not someone else – I think its a very sad story – granted its terrible the way its put forward – stories of being fired stand out among them all – and I haven’t finished cleaning the apartment – at an even greater risk – of retreads –

One thing though – says you – is racing for another bishops soul set free at the statue of our lady – It can be described as a stump – its a stump or a hump but best delt with by rhyming – a popular thing to do – but nobody understands how to wear it – yet.

Anyway – the next sentence belongs together – sometimes –

” A legal challenge would be difficult, since the government isn’t breaking any law. It’s just using parliamentary procedure, as “

In other words this is complicated – no one has – actually had the paintings rehung so soon – the other part of the story belongs to the insane – the other is not as friendly –

With no words – begins its five hundered – for example – your not listening so the alternatives are a bloody catch phase or – or you had – phrased them – didn’t – you

That’s not all you did – so go blow

Why is this so challenging – we dont know anything about it – and we would rather not do anything at all – if that were all so pleasant – there are no brownies to bake –

But a Conservative win is not necessarily in the bag

No, no it isn’t – I think its rather strange buying Maxwell house – pioneer edition – don’t you – I bought it – what then – I know where it came from – but – umm what does the USDA do again? – omg


This is not limited to any particular country – another reason why people think its interesting – is fending them off on that sort of scale – Not really – they say- its hard to see – there – so finally the article concludes like it should!

“As a result, she had to agree to a deal which would keep the UK aligned with EU rules for longer than Brexit supporters would accept. And so here we are. “

It has nothing to say about Megan Markle and inter-racial disparity – just there -melancholy – or anything else about skipping over the lousy leaf blowers – or poor landscaping because you weren’t paying attention. – two three and four doppelgangers – no.

She says – I don’t care anything for the ghetto when it was there ! – this is not likely what married or divorced people mean to say about it – much.

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