UK PM asks Queen to suspend Parliament


Did Boris really say so. – Is he that idiotic – No, but he is fairly upset – in so much as not understanding what he had said – more than once –

We want baseball in Washington, DC – and it was so. The Washington Nationals were creeping – creeping on the coattails of the infamous “senators” from California – why do they have the floor boris?

It suits them – asking these gentleman to do anything is like asking politely for your last meal – we’ll know who you are ok? So coming from this direction is really not a reason to put your hair in a bun and sleep on it –

It’s really not – but California will persist – for the senators – Not because of that reason alone – but for this reason – that goes right over their heads –


They don’t understand what a Brexit is – so how can we tell them what it is if they don’t ask – they already know what a Brexit is – my argument from the beginning – even if it has nothing to do with buying the 1999 BMW M3 or the 1999 Mercedes Benz – both literally works of art – that would only cost you $5000 – I dont have it. No $5000. Get it – and you will never have it -ever.

So they dont care! – omg. thats excruciating – now that they have thoroughly screwed it up – they want World War II in a box. This is what I was singing yesterday – successfully – so, I did well for myself –

What about saving enough betty crockery coupons – they wont “go” for it – the magnanimous test of wills lands on your head – instead of somewhere near your feet – there is not enough chocolate milks for that anyway –

On and on a traffic jam would go – and where it stops is simply with logistics – where you are fired for even putting it forward – very very strange crazy dialogues on the CB radio would be another reason – but hearing chales manson himself – is the right way to go – being the consensus –

No- don’t key that thing while running the wheels of steel – unless you like being stranded on the highway for no reason – it clears and you continue your governed pace – from an engine governor – that’s really the best they can do – unless you re-invest in guns and roses in Wyoming – not Europe.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask him – being so angry – in the tumbleweed desert – that is if you don’t already have a natural following.

“UK PM asks Queen to suspend Parliament” when its not the queen that they wanted – its the pope in rome –

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