Love – alin de Botton


It very curious that allin de Botton has the courage to write about love – my friends would just as easily accuse me of being a faggot –

Not true – Only Damian is a faggot – or even by another – why are there faggots in the basement – they are always in the basement – I didn’t mean to kill him – nobody knows at forty years old – nobody.

It happens this fast – and any more is very very lude – so then what is Mr. Botton saying:

“The Romantic model has sold us on a number of self-defeating beliefs about the most essential and nuanced experiences of human life: love, infatuation, marriage, sex, children, infidelity, trust. “

What happens when you get too close – to someone – say, I love you someonethats that – what ever happens if you wanting the bull and getting the horns is something to recon with –

Its perils – terrible and daunting – its writing about psychology and philosophy or I hope you have never heard this – its a different kind of love.

Yes. yes it is – its more confusing – than a human heart – what about the cat – I love the cat – Shes so friendly – she keeps talking to me in a human voice – yes. I understand. – ok then – dear michael kearney – have mercy on – cat please –

Whatever his name happens to be – This does not compute

Love is then lexical – in a world of astrology – I had already explained that I would entertain so long as she is present – personify her in the third person and sing to her – carefully before stepping away there – and so I discovered that her saying – anytime you need to do it – was a lie –

Ravenous – but there is no need to be sad –

So, she is a lair – how did I fix her ? – I held her up to the sky and sacrificed her to the universe – where the red fern grows – yes it actually grows there – farther and farther – away. Its so far away that its too frighting – its unbecoming -and its no excuse – ! What a bunch of morons. Litteraly morons –

This is hard to understand – I realize. He had given us – “Red Shift”

So -A woman explains – you need coal – you get coal for Christmas – sir. Understando ? Those telephone poles smell wonderful – hmmm. I dont get it – you just get in the car and drive away from the banana shirt I have – and she really doesn’t like my banana shirt – so here it is – a theif –

“see his magnificent Design Matters conversation with Debbie Millman:”

Those are some very rich people who live there. I don’t know – yes sir they are at the library – she doesn’t like where I live – I said it was my horseshoe – and she returned it to me- I don’t know what time they leave school – if ever – because the library is closed – for no reason.

Infatuation – drives at a difficult position – I was lucky to learn from a blind girl – she is beautiful – attractive – I want her – and she is – blind. omg.

What do I do – I go and ask the devil – exacting as its way to surely find home – and it is – the blind girl – with all her attention – had vanished – and it was not so. I had placed blame –

What about marriage – marriage is standing clear of the kitchen sink – selecting a new vacuum – and doing the laundry – very seriously – nobody knows what happens while he is away –

Sex – I will have sex all day long and large chocolate shake – which ever comes first – but remember how to spell sex – (s) – e- (x) although I am not happy about exposing anyone to such a terrible disappointment to be as poor as I am – and be my – child – you know – beside being filthy and lude at the same time.

So, Infidelity is for lunatics – If your behavior dictates where the pizza came about – just quit – let them be – reach out to yourself and shoot lasers at the cat.

Sure – trust – I don’t trust anyone – I have been betrayed one too many times – I not having any money to see it through – is somebody in my bank account details – that is all it is.

But I see where he stands – shrinking against the wall – while they breathe – waiting to be painted over with either – is exactly how much trust I have – and the doctor moved out – with honey boo boo – the strange smelling skate board ply –

No – shes talking it over next door – in your neighborhood – but look at this way – in your hospital. – So, yes love is there too.

marriage, sex, children, infidelity, trust.

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