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Rebecca Jennings writes about – what? – feel good books –

The most popular series that I can think of is the Dragon Lance Series by Margaret Weis – if you start reading her books having been told – there is another reason –

When I was in first grade – there was confusion in telling – and facing the music altogether – telling? – Anyway – One particular instance I heard that my friend was reading dyslexic – she wouldn’t – read the pages of the book that I was sitting just next to her reading – I couldn’t be-live it – and rather than hearing another doctoral thesis on why she couldn’t – I poked fun of her and laughed when she had read “feind” instead of “friend”

Those helper students from the University were a little too tall – anyway I would regret doing this – even though the thought troubled me – I was scolded and put in the principals office –

I was callous – as my grandfather had demonstrated – but I was right – how would I face it alone – unsure of one of her now famous books – that she would write when she was an adult – and she would. – there is no stopping you – I told the principal –

It is true – and worse – wide awake estates was comming to it – not just for my classmates but – what else – that I didn’t know about – my fiend knew –

So I agreed that I was trying to get attention – attention from the guilty – standing just there – another scary thing my grandfather explained – “give them all guns”

In other words – this was no commission – it was a commissary – That I am also not supposed to talk about – a kantina – that is quickly put away regardless of how much money you had paid in taxes –

Yes she did – damn it. I was to be a demon sorcerer – fighting every chance to put my hands in my pockets – I had no purse to carry – so I said rather coyly – “Maybe I should carry a purse”

This is the right thing to do – regardless If I had identified with either gender – my freind was a fiend – dispite not being able to tell if the voices going on and on were my own – or telling – anything.

As I recall – since paying your attention to this most of the time – I would talk to a dragon – on the playground – this is why harry potter is as famous as he is –

I would never ask where she got them – but there is a Scholastic foldout – that was curious – it talked about witchcraft – witchcraft in 1st grade reading class – when I was struggling against fiends – fiends from FIVE different religions –

Buddism – Hinduism – She-its – Judaism – Catholicity –

I tried to be-live them all – and I succeeded with power and strength from the beast the the number of is name – (the apostle paul is smarter than he sounds)

666 – Although I thought Satan – was a bit more than living – its your life – wow. quit it. – ET the movie was a bit more than curious how the children talked out of turn – and walk over ground that had not been walked to before? – Thats what I told the dragon anyway –

Paul was right – heheh

I would never read harry potter because I had no idea how to explain – but someone did – George Washington’s Alexandria –

If I recall it didn’t go well for walking Aunt Linda’s beagle – rather loudly – as a matter of fact – but yes noone had explained a book about the truth as well as Margret Weiss – and the wood. trees – yikes.

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