No Sense?


Dangerous deeds I say –

“The President had scheduled meetings and bilaterals with Germany and India, so a senior member of the Administration attended in his stead,” press secretary Stephanie Grisham

Nobody wants that answer – others attempted include describing Stephanie Grisham by her first and last name – which is not very popular altogether – She was in a meeting but there it is- anyway –

“Plus, there are only seven world leaders in attendance — so, if the other six are all in one place, it’s sort of hard to imagine Trump and his team couldn’t figure it out pretty quickly. “

What they did figure out is how to circumvent – a blood shortage – by giving their own donation(s) – a blood mobile. This is usually extremely difficult – if you can do better – then the author wants to hear about it – naturally. –

So and so gave $5million to charity – and charity this we know – what we don’t know is – why is it that you cant see anyone around in Mexico at 2pm. Maybe he just wanted to see your hands – (really)

So hold them up to the sun and explain rather – why you are dirty looking – what happened to you – we can see through you.

Say it. He had devised them from the Mason Dixon line in Pennsylvania and I don’t want to see it again

1) Modi and Merkel have been cloned and can appear in two places at once

2) Trump was meeting not with the heads of Germany and India but with lower-level staff

3) The official White House line is total bunk

It looks like the article is going in total reverse – instead of inching – its playing bars and rehearsing for the rolling stones. Where are they going – and- Galveston, TX is furthest from the minds of lower-level staff.

They want varmints – at the moment – string them up – any which way you can devise – because “cloned” imply s a shortage at the blood mobile – and the last name on Stephanie’s list doesn’t describe any other of my girlfriends as accurately as the writer does. Grave robbers are not the half –

The White House is famous because its a white house – Hearing the rest of the story is like anything elseall be it is made up of everyone’s account of what happened all at once – which is to say – what ever happened yesterday is 30 years since – but yes tomorrow likely makes sense in a very terrible way – devilish and ignorant – all the same poppycock to put me over a barrel

Thats that. –

Why arent they accurate in describing that – well. well. This is the only reason why I would say so. What about you –

Go over there and ask him – Go on – +++ Ask him how much he reaaly has left in his bank account – a very very sure bet.

So although none of this is practical sometimes Trump finds a way – though not often – with his hands in his pockets – spread out some – and bed down – for tomorrow – while the White House attempts to lead you very very slowly to water – or so says the writer – who may be overweight – and un-popular. gross – during the most critical times Trump is needed – or ma bye watch out – was needed. yikes.

He may have overlooked his neck – tied it with an ascot -given the benefit of the doubt – lol Someone was apathetic – So no, finally – we have no idea at all – if that would – actually suit him – which is rarely never –

another lousy pitfall.

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