Prince Andrew


So, what is it like to be Prince Andrew – it is probably as difficult as it looks – beside Princess Anne – There is no need to explain much – but what is this stuff:

It is likely hellish – ” Andrew and Anna Malova, then 27, were among nine people on Epstein’s plane for a trip from the US Virgin Islands to Florida in February 1999, according to flight logs. “

I suppose that has nothing to do with High School – anyone that is 27 should know how difficult facing a lifetime of “no” is –

So, what are the consequences – nothing really – I used to practice on a small lawn in California – in what was recovered in Dumfries – another small lawn – I mowed the lawn the same way as I had in San Francisco –

Here is the entire list of airplane flights I have ever been on –

  • Washington, DC to San Francisco (round trip) – 1988
  • Washington, DC to San Francisco (round trip) – 1992
  • Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV (one way) – 2002
  • Reno, NV to Boise, ID (round trip) – 2003
  • Reno, NV to Las Vegas (round trip) – 2003

If they sound expensive to you then they were – but not how you think – what happened to the seating – revealed in Idaho – I had better keep it in San Francisco –

That is strange – all hope was lost there – like a terrible plane crash – I bet my uncle was hoping that I had been in a plane crash- because it was a very odd thing to go away like that – staying near the airplane – even though I ha d not noticed well – until I was in Idaho.

Taking this for nothing, was San Francisco – or was it – it looks good in Dumfries – a nice 3ft patch – decorated prudently – was it by San Francsico-?

no. was the answer – for several reasons – then what is reason – in the back seat of the car – while aunt Linda shops at the mall – passing by only occasionally –

Should I then walk home from the mall? – As angry as I am? – Do I really have a reason – no. Did I want one while I was in Richmond.? – Richmond was a horrible horrible – thing – now you can go to the air port – sit there and watch the planes take off – instead of walking around the city –

A city of extreme poverty – and hopelessness – I honestly don’t know what they do for a living – and there – the suggestion – Lean on a post –

Why it is a post to begin with is another terrible thing – That I assume – Prince Andrew has time to listen to – while he is – Prince Andrew –

But it is so hard to see- its a out of this world – uncanny – unconscionable – soulless sort of Evil – you can only put a quarter in to open the shutter for a few minutes to look at it-

I would feel privileged – but this didn’t explain Mr. Epstein – or the many many criminals from the 1840’s you can look up on the internet – when city life took over pretty much everything there is – litter-ally everything – it makes your heart sink to the depths – and you had better stay inside to try to attempt to re-pair it. +++ before your dead – from seeing that.

Not withstanding – is this post a post? – and even still – I fear that’s maybe what it is. – lol

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