Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Behavior


What in the world is this – and what ever it is it is extremely expensive – and as I was quick to find out – its my behavior – not theirs – anyway –

A good clue

“They can’t have it both ways. Either they are totally private, pay for their own house and disappear out of view, or play the game the way it is played,” said royal biographer Penny Junor.

They do? – Remember – we don’t know what they – is. – Laugh it up – what if you just fell out – totally – and in all totality – although I don’t believe they disappeared – it may take some time – and just like anything else – for him. Who is that ? –

I don’t like answering for who – but I’ll tell you about it –

“I would think it might bother William a bit because he might see the way that Harry and Meghan do things as being detrimental to the business of the monarchy as a whole,” Seward said.

Ive only seen William when I was behind my recommendation letter from the Smithsonian museum – denied. What sort of rejection is this ? –

Its my friend Rob – the van driver from covenant transportation –

In the United States – you cant do much more than that – you really cant – but you can- be a rock and roll star – in being detrimental to the business of the monarchy – is another reason – nothing.

Its extremely contentious – If I can describe it – its like a morass – that lingers – and is not the reason for being nice – but its the reason altogether –

Evil is terrible – yes he ismaybe we can – and not nearly effeminate – are the alternatives – alcohol – drugs – no, and my business is not doing well at all.

For example I think there was a delicious roast beef I missed – further complicating the truth – its gone – g-o-n-e

The roast beef demon has left me – but that’s not to say that this life is any easier to live – at all I think its kind of funny when it is happening – so I listen because I have given everything and there is to give and there was nothing given in return because I was given everything to begin with- So, Here is HIS ANSWER

Labour Member of Parliament Luke Pollard told CNN, “When you’re still taking millions of pounds worth of public money — money that could be spent in schools and hospitals — to upgrade and refurbish what is, you know, luxury palaces, you’ve got to ask yourself: what are the public getting in return? I think this is a chance to look at: Is the behavior of the royal family the right way forward?”

This is what is needed – a poster of a man – labeled for Luke Pollard – I don’t know that anyone can afford to watch parliament – but for the efforts of then prime minister Karen. !?

Ok, so I wont be doing that again – Thats not in my control is it – Likewise you cant really watch United States Congress – making laws – But I will do this – for Prince William ! – You should realize it by then – because its what needs to be done. period –

Or you may get very very sick

I am fairly private but-

“Pay for their own house” Pay is ambiguous – when your house belongs to Luke Pollard – I don’t know what Luke Pollard is – what is Luke Pollard? is that the public – You could do that –

and disappear out of view” – But there are no hedges to speak of – “play the game the way it is played” is no game – like a disease – and continue persist? – you cant really live there very long – another – Its more than terrible – to avoid a hill and find a Mountain – when all you wanted to say is – the opposite – I already climbed a mountain and there is the hill –

Thank you sir may I have another –

There is nothing else – does anybody understand ? – uh oh. also in on it – I haven’t noticed the way I do things – have I done them? – What have you done? – even worse for it – not knowing and having said it – ever

So that’s some high caliber stuff – She is also slovenly – +++ but prince harry is outstanding !

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