Missle battery


There is no battery that can survive – a range between 310 miles and 3,417 miles – and carry a warhead other than what Putin had in mind – they are on the offensive after a vicious Vietnam war – A North Korean war- the French lost to him a strange thing – all the peanuts that were fed to the squirrels had to be cleaned up in Afganistan.

If there was an existential threat – he had explained thoroughly – you cant tell them anything – they wont do anything – the tank drives but there is no bed when the French were finished explaining in Russian.

There was nothing I could do but hope to meet someone that was Russian – someone explained that a better explanation would be for the Netherlands – and it was – in 1981

I did – he ate eggs – and the problem and scope he believed to be communism – was off – to the races – they are older than us – but he is not the wiser – as the United States is – a very similar problem – an unlikely one – Putin was not popular – I guess. But if you know him any better – tis heheh

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