Blair Braveman


Blair braveman writes about being rejected – I haven’t heard about tough love in some time – author of Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube – writes – “Most things in life don’t work out. But some do. The secret is to love the possibilities.”

Possibilities ? – think about that – for a moment – How have you been fired ? – How can you tell an employer that you want to find another job ? – You cant – Skirt the issue all you want to – Employers don’t care for what you do – they don’t care for what you want – and yes breaking rocks at the jail is real -and if you think that’s bad – its worse –

throw your hat in more rings –

” Once I filled out a five-minute form to nominate myself and my boyfriend for a couples’ wilderness reality show”

Wow – no boyfriends – the number one rule – broken – number two:

“People get excited and make promises they can’t fulfill.”

They’re all gay? – yes, a hard start in pornography is that they are all gay –

“This same rule applies for creative work”

No it doesn’t – Pornography is not a creative work at all- I have a 95,000 word novel to sell somebody – I put my priorities in order – and I tried to shut my mouth – as suggested – but then there is this – crazy people –

” by the time you hear “no,” you’ve already moved on to something else.”

what?! – Every word I write -and like a diary of grievances – to personify “moved on” is – actually a complaint to a creative work – and what a creative work it was – mind you.

My argue-met is simple – people have – the same job – for an entire lifetime – what makes you any different than the next – They’re not taking me-

If that tells you anything – something else I just thought of – is they are working on base over there – if something happens to your back – your foot your fingers – whatever happens to crazy people – Its over – wow.

Do you surf the internet for lasers? wow.

A very perplexing idea – to this day.

How do you get an exciting, successful career when you’re living at home with your parents in Indiana? – lol I dont know – what about the mk-33? I guess there is no way to avoid it – you leave your parents – before they ask you to – even if they say it onceyour never leaving – ever.

Get it?!

If they suspect that there is enough evidence of the living – leave. very very seriously. She just doesn’t get it. It was that hard

How does she even need the degree? – what is she talking about a photographywow. – thank you.

(in through the nose and out the mouth)

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