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The white house said – if you believe it – ‘Complete garbage’: White House spokesman goes after media for refusing ‘to call out anti-Semitism’

I wouldn’t go that far – but when it looks like both parties are being brought to ruin – That took nearly an eternity to explain. – Very fierce language is just the beginning of what the White House believes to be a farcical news story – that took me only 20 some years to investigate.

I owe somebody that – so at the least is his cursing – which the president – can deal with on any level – let alone in another language -is set in a litterbox.

Hopefully the liter-box is enough to capture all the refusing – but its doubtful when this has been true for hundreds of thousands of years – the most powerful country on Earth – said what –

You have been in a litter box – I’m hiding under the bed . – The story of Ruth can be told every which way – and we wont – tell it – we will say the opposite – the only way that spells trouble – almost every single time –

Jupiter is headed this way – toward the constellation Aquarius – the only other time this happened is when Adolf Hitler took control of the Natzi Army – yes, this is very very serious because he said ” for refusing

The only other person who did that is Barack Obama – and I haven’t offered him any sacrifice – That is if you don’t include the man with six heads I saw in the parking lot today – He just said buy the hotdogs – no problem –

Anyway – The white house said what they did – now lets fight –

Yes, the Semites are very very sorry but unless you look up someone that is thousands of years old – and ask him politely to end this – then he WONT

Their are other ways to orient – and none of them include the senators – none of them do – especially the one who vanished from Georgetown – So this is no fun anymore when the White House is out of control – when the congress is out of control – cant we do better –

Only when it is convenient for them – is when – If ever – which is also likely never –

“She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!”

This is what the lunatic said. lunatic – It isn’t what I said. Anyway – we don’t care – the president is currently lunatic Its been that way for a very very long time – what will we do.

Well, I want those hail Marys – a chance at the races – Jimmy Carter – etc etc – not really says the Senator – seriously not really . I hope that everyone gets the chance – but not everyone can eat curry – its too hot – and I don’t like it –

I remember the train operator – in a documentary I saw – standing by kool aid baking jiffy corn muffins with international delight – eating dough nuts and enjoying cigarettes – none of this –

Or anything close to what the white house is saying – at all – the only other way to do this is quit your job or get fired ! – omg

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