CNN plays up Christmas


I love Christmas – what if you spent it alone – that is the subject of a lonely Georgetown in Washington, dc – a place known for many people who lived there – including Robert F. Kennedy

Somebody you wouldn’t expect to have lived there is a friend at the block party celebration – who resounds an emphatic – yes we can control this – peaceful gathering – when she is going where ever she has gone – except this time – you have to bring her to work –

That’s fine – lol If you work for the US Agency for International Aid – so follow the yellow brick road all the way back to where you live – because the World Bank had invited you to stay – but you cant move because of a pressing issue.

There – is the most beautiful girl you had ever seen in your life – yourself – oh boy – no mistakes here friend – even if I only have enough money to buy ram-en noodles today – after all – a man was rented a bathroom in the same house and hes just fine –

A bathroom – he lives in a bathroom – anyway – Donald Trump’s discussions with his team – had nothing to do with being President.

The President – has long pressed the issue about the economy -far from any legacy – and having been through the bowls of the federal Government and lived – it was wise to ally with the landlord –

He was and is the landlord of many things – hes your uncle – hes your friend at the principals office – he left nothing to your mothers inheritance –

And more importantly – He is your loyal friends – father – that you cant speak to anyway – but he is amusing while he lives over there still – what then – Skiing at Lake Tahoe has nothing to do with Harvard University.

SO – fielding complaints – doesn’t run in the US Navy – were never getting in – or rather – were never getting out – of meeting her – there – with no elbows to speak of –

What does Michelle think – ? where are they leaving to? – My father had explained that this is not negotiable – when and if it happens but – the article continues – as if it means ANYTHING more important –

Georgetown – Olympic Valley, California – Texas – Florida – its the same place Michelle – that’s what she thinks – dependent on her answer more often than not — I cover crazy people – who are known for saying – “dont talk” , “this is our secret”, “shhhh” – etc. Apart from retards – madmen at the helm – and they are – she explains that you cant loose against a terrible opponent like that –


The economic advisor is known for creating spin – so actually call 1-900-666-EVIL -and this is what happens to meat down going down your throat – failing to realize that this is what the navy is saying to Austin powers– the rest of the article is then – very disturbing to sensitive ears – that have no problem leaving you to fend for your self on the streets – the labor Department has a Job Corps – center – yes. yes they do.

If you can imagine the rest of your life and that it had been anylized already – we don’t care about you – or the rest of – your – life. – famous for what it isn’t the economy is known for what is called – market liquidity

If you can – then you share the same sentiment as the President – or perhaps – Dr. Evil

“Trump has shown an affinity for aides with an eye toward the political implications of economic decisions” – what ?-

“Trump also views his success in the private sector as an implicit testament to his economic advice.” – what ?

Are we actually on the same page as Trump – they likely are –

And they are – they literally stand at the end of a long walk off a short pier – President bush tried to explain – but China’s policy is much better – if you answer – answer to me – and yet – with those elbows – where is President Clinton – So then the terr-ifs for the red state – or for that matter – red square – are absolutely sterling ! –

We’re getting too old – Trump misses his aides – when they aren’t – there with the Adults – and not withstanding this has been a terrible issue- down – down – down – we go to professionals –

So, my neighbors are out of .442 and want to by .225 but they are out of .225 – my medicaid pays any co-pays – from something seriously happening to my back – or while being injured from falling off my bicycle – I had more than $100 on my Snap benefits card -and people are not interested in that at all really –

So, The deserts of Las Vegas – having EVERYTHING to do with Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, Navarro calling the tariff back-off Trump’s “Christmas present to the nation.”

If its too hot for Washington, DC – its terrible for the rest of the Nation – and it likely wont happen ever – although terrifs by sherrifs – is very likely what is happening to the economy and China – a test for Manufacturing and a very old – system of Government – where its very easy to accuse the President of Marshalling it –

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