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Elizabeth Smart was repeatedly raped and drugged by her captors Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. Sexual assault survivors – lead a thin line. Then – what is worse than your husband gay for someone else – Nothing really – Ill stand over here for a while.

It looks like someone hears the whistle in the wind – Ed Smart, 64, acknowledged it was “one of the hardest letters I have ever written.”

It is interesting to hear about new things – rather sometimes the only thing – Ed Smart said, “find solace any longer” once to many times –

However you spin it – “it is not my responsibility to tell the church, its members or its leadership what to believe about the rightness or wrongness of being LGBTQ,”

Being Gay at the church – all the time is interesting. I see it as – I am going in there – for a while – and they are never coming out. Maybe I am wrong – so I look at the floor – to tell me which way to wander – away from there –

I made an interesting discovery – They are right – this includes every thing I am talking about – some contend for how long –

Heres the difference – what else – its too hard to bother with – I have prayed seven hail Marys – to that hill over there – where oh where is the demon hill of St. Francis – they will likely never escape the dreadlocks –

What is worse is – they don’t know the order of the mass – they’re aren’t enough rocks to go round – there are enough trees beside the wood. So then what is Ed Smart today – a snake monster -?

You may laugh – but not long – that is also a make of rocks – a stone that is used to mark someones grave – Fallen on deaf ears – he lifts his hands – almighty god is revealed – just look at that chalice work – I don’t even have to say a word –

And If that is not enough – here it is – your blood – its a gargoyle beating on the roof of your apartment from last week –

What does this mean for LGBTQ –

More than likely – his blood – the chalice work – a figment of the imagination. – Scheduled for deletion is you – in a perverted stink. How would anyone have enough gaul – for the gander – and is it; you realize – you’ve been duped –

How is this possible – I haven’t been outside to see the sun in a while – stiff pale white – I look like a LGBTQ – what do I do – go chew a bone –

Its entirely possible – or die from cancer – I am the reason – I look so good, so – honestly then what – this so difficult – Elizabeth Smart writes an entire narrative about herself – and her husband is then gay –

His responsibility is completely miserable – where he came from is just as difficult as a plane crash accident – so where is he going – hes just not going to like it –

I’m never going back there – ever – so they say – a wall of fire eludes your capture and its too late – your destination is then earth – and that terrible sun – once more – to face yourself –

Censured – There is nothing you can do – in garter – sloven – you decide for yourself – a terrible thing – to break the law.

The many spells left by spell-casters are still good !- go and follow them once more to the well – a well of justice that people rarely understand – only say – one or two sentences to him – slowly – lol

Him being the son of God – he wonders to you about – ssl certificates – to face the sexual abuse victims – people without sanitary conditions – there is no hazel that lacks their luster – gross –

There are always the despicable – capricious wanderers – among us. That’s impossible -! lol

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