The Hapeless become hopeless

the gross are grosser

New ways to identify and treat people who use opioids and other drugs – a very hopeful and e luring centerpiece for health care providers – does not include their adult patients – ever.

“We have a pretty high prevalence of adults using illicit drugs and we’re seeing harms every day from that,” said task force member Dr. Carol Mangione, the chief of general internal medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. “This is a big change that we’re really excited about. Effective treatment is where we will finally begin to move the needle on the epidemic.”

says Dr. Carol Mangione – but does he know the tang in tango – likely not. Very very seriously- not. Passing UCLA students who are given the opportunity – to get ahead in life is not the number one issue when- task force is more than likely the issue. Anything else they get are extras – extra stuff about – what – well think twice – you may want to ask him what an adult is –

These substances are ingested, inhaled, injected, or administered using other methods to affect cognition, affect, or other mental processes; to “get high”; or for other nonmedical reasons.

what does get high – mean – what is their disposition? directly from the website is the answer –

Pharmacotherapy, which is often provided with individual or group counseling –

It means to say that – you demonstrate circumstance – dependency of your so choosing; and to the contrary a chair that slowly sinks deep into the sand on a lonely beach – not so funny –

For example – it is more advantageous to stand – while drinking alcohol – drinking any alcohol – you are thereby elevated or – high – a super dose of moonshinin`

The writer of this article – is a derelict – a federalist – perfect for any moonlighting – but what do the opioids cover – Honestly the opioids are worse off because they affect the man on the street – deformity – false hosiery – I don’t care to breathe – They are particularly dangerous for this reason alone – and not:

commendaticiis non attenditur –

“it’s not uncommon for her to encounter six different languages in a single day.” – what? – “sometimes you don’t see them back. They just disappear.”

yes. they. do. – I. guess. so – But what can help people addicted to drugs ? I’m not sure – grab the toilet very very hard and vomit – now your ahead of the game – but you still don’t understand what looking at a cocaine plant has to do with mixing it with a sort of alkolate –

You can get higher – with group counseling – I guess. If you had too – go to work with others – who you know have some cocaine – we’ll be fine – alright – yeah – But something I will never forget is why – prepare a feast day –

Did you know the status quo has nothing to do with your skirt – your dress>? Your hometown – Its a total mess – you ate that – having smoked marijuana or not –

You can store things with Marijuana – not like an opioid – and nothing to do with alcohol – For example this was a good vacation – smoke some marijuana – we’ll stay if you don’t mind –

The intimidate – need – the dependency – should be identified – whereas tobacco dependency is an entirely different subject – as with anything else it should be done with caution – you . get . it . from . who –

Done – wow never-mind – In America – alcohol is often mixed with tobacco – causing a domino effect – as it rips through your vines – there is nothing you can do about it – if you don’t have it – coffee is even worse but wait one moment – all I want is a grape neighigh –

If you know someone that is dependent – then ask yourself this – what are they high on – and how do I get some – I’m dependent –

Try drinking orange juice – then a fortified pod – or podcast – you know less about what this has to do with inflammation –

And what did you do – you ate it – ate it – thats all – This subject is so difficult – the cure is often right under your nose –

Is this the answer – ? Not really – try “demon sorcery” – Terms like this don’t last – but the drugs do – vines are pretty sturdy – maybe I can goof on those – a super vine – when I cant afford a grape neighigh – at all.

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