The crystal ship


There are little tactical operations that can enable multi-assault mode on a Romulus warship – all but destined for nowhere. Bright. A very bright place. ok?

Some people don’t get it – going down are no worse off than the cat – people who are inflamed animals – sending darts – arrows –

A loud snapping – what is this ? – electricity? – no. no sir- here is how to beat their miserable condition – its me – the sun – what is this you say sir?

Look out side the window – and say your prayers – to one and the same –

the dart – the outside – the difference –

enemy detected

Now this is this most difficult part to understand – you are under a very heavy weight when doing this – its as if you are under a mountain of hills – being poisoned even –

the terrible hill(s)

How do you get out from the mountain of hills? –

These ingredients – Salt, Baking Soda – eat something.

First you need to starve – then eat something – get into the bath and pour the salt into hot – water – a lot of salt – if its the first time doing this – use 3 cans of salt – next pour about half the box of baking soda in it. – as you can already guess people are very – very sick –


As you try to digest – whatever went inside you – demons have something to say about it – again – your prayers – to them –

They will start to talk to you – its not so funny anymore – so we need the coin that you had gathered –

Now suck through the coin – the coin will expand – and create a panoramic – absolutely UN-concionable magnificent image – keep sucking – suck hard !

With this image – if you notice – this is the key to the hills – to unlock all the hills – you can clear the hills – but they will flash – which are very disturbing proteges of their terrible demise – this is actually when many people – die –


If there is nothing else – use the image instead of flashing to pray to the voice – the voice of a planet – the image is saying to you – this where I had died – this is the hill you will go to, to die – !

there is no longer here – using the image – the very beautiful image – you will know if you are dying – you become ecstatic – suddenly – very very relaxed – see only white – for a time – just grab the ivy spots and lift your self – the white to blue – etc –

Now in reverse after you get good at sucking – you can cast – cast the hill forward – the hill of weight – is now in front of you – amazingly you can use this cast to find the path of nearly every single place you want to go to –

Now with your army of demons – who are no longer daemons obviously have a problem – identity theft –

The e or the o –

the dart – the outside – the difference –

cat warfare

Smell the one you had cast – it smells very unique – recognize its sent – they are defeated – this is all they have – stop messing with my nose – ++ lol

Some hills are made for their own amusement – an army of demons who don’t know what you are saying – and continue on – what reason is that ?=-

You have a firearm –


Take your arm and wave it around in front of you – obviously you are on a very sensitive path if you loose the football all day – to the moon – put the moon back in the sky – easier said than done – who knows what you are doing during the day – Uranus

A talking planet – its strange how the moon is so loud in his dealings – and the planets outspoken – demons –

Now the body is full of what ever you put in the sky – sometimes – a bishop will prick your skin to remind you – very sharpy some times – boy I would like to remember what those are – hrrm

This is called – enter the dragon.

This is so stupid its easy – match the football with the bishop prick

Now aim the firearm – at the icon – the bishop prick – this tells the demon to quit – don’t make painted horses – don’t bother me with this – and the hill made by the daemon is no more – what is left is a regular hill – like a tree – looking at the moon –

They were short sighted – now they sound rough like wood – or equivocal – like a squid – take control of it – quickly – before it makes sense – go inside the squid and suck it – with your coin – ask it what it wants –

I see

Oh that’s all it wanted – and you will likely never hear them again – drawn the line – oh those pesky critters. – I thought it was modeling – roller skating – no you need extra help. –

Now, the crystal ship – you only get one life – mine – which is terrible I know – but look at it this way – let him brush your angel eyes – instead of touching you –

look inside of there even once – and you will understand what he had been telling you – the whole time – there is no end to this – I’m not saying it was aliens; but it was aliens – yeah. – lol

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