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The candidate for the latest issue of Vogue is non other than Megan Markle – an interesting subject – she had made a movie about it:

“Please stand by”

In 2019 why should they see me in 2004 – what is so great about being very very seriously addicted to alcohol – so much it courses through your veins… its so hot in Los Angeles you turn into a tobacco plant and mail your fans the latest harry potter film from the Georgetown strip in Washington, DC.

“The line-up is evidence that, in 2019, a new metric for global success is in play,” reads the un-bylined piece accompanying the shoot. “First, attract visibility. Then, convert visibility into a platform. Finally, use your platform to effect change.”

Effect change -? We’re not blind – but we are not that blind – I seriously doubt she can pay Spanish royalty in dinar-us – Anyway –

“What has motherhood taught you?” asks Markle.

I am resentful that they had not remembered what it is about right now.

“If you were sitting down with your 15-year-old self, what do you think she would tell you, seeing who you have become today?”

You are correct. – I enjoyed being completely lost in California – and the epic – and I mean epic views of the railroad tracks beside Humboldt Valley and Northern San Francisco. – You may have them – they are yours – no we cannot afford anything they have in mind. Now we can.

Finally: “What is the most beautiful sound that you’ve ever heard?”

My uncle tim’s voice – kind of like – calamari. What do you think –

Hrrm. So what is the best place to vogue –

Prince Harry’s interview with Goodall mentions the way “unconscious bias” leads to racism –

Whoa – roughly translated – we don’t know where he has wondered to – and he is in fact a vagabond in pizza shops around the world – I’m sorry my wife is not as familiar with rough sleeping as I am –

So, nothing could really change visiting someone else’s house – but what about someone’s else’s town – like he likes to do -?

I guess he is truly sorry that I can’t – but it is absolutely outstanding – nothing like you would ever suspect. lol

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