Mass Shooting = what-?


Does anyone understand mass shootings – there is currently one near El Pa-so Texas; adding to the list of cites not to visit – stay away.

As who is the killer goes out the window, more than what we already know: your swimsuit is leaving from Dulles International airport –

How long can you stare at the tail ends of planes – is up to you – it really is –

But what is at the controls of the helicopter today – and more importantly – what is forcing people to commit mass murder- ? I have no idea. I would never fly a helicopter or commit a mass murder is one of the reasons –

Life would appear to be a hanging string – gone at any moment. I cant breathe any longer – oh well. I know who that is too.

There is no purpose to knocking someone sideways – no purpose. What is their purpose – people are not food. What is entertaining about a parole hearing:

Anyway – I see you walking away from that – rock there – there is no way you are getting out with uncle Donald at 0:36 Having been denied – You cannot buy a pizza at little Caesars and sit on the electric utility by a moped and gloat by how good little Caesars pizza is –

Magic pizza – how did this happen – its right there:

Hundreds of reasons –

Hundreds – Put into context – stop feeding the neighborhood even if making an Italian sauce all day is like walking in and opening a can of spray paint. – You could even say that public restaurants are a nusance after reading that – ahem Here is something truly terrible that sticks – James Homes was tried and convicted for – not four –

12 life sentences and 3,318 years without parole

You cant put your head into your pillow and move your scalp around and say it was a scalping – without hoping hell had vindicated this person in 3,318 years – hell. You cant hope that free live sports are available on pluto tv. – nope.

What is wrong with your thinking when someone else had granted your passage – to man with no nose – a mass murderer –

mass murderer – what in the world is he doing – nobody knows how long we will be in the parole hearing –

Even if I can see you. right now – measuring the discrepancy between two structures – built by a man with a vision – of two cascading stairways decorated by a very elaborate chandelier that meets in the center – fly no more – there is your food – I can see a train passing by on the railroad tracks – just as well.

So I have no idea – I eat once a day with the cat – but nobody knows when the cat will be here – to get it –

How do you know when she can get it – because you saw here there – because she was outside when you could not find her – saved by two raccoons – you reach down to pet her after you had eaten?

I guess – *

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