In response to the recent inquiry, 118 house democrats will have it their way – and it is absolutely vile. Dispite the milstones of Barack Obama –
any attempt at approching the congress building is strictly out of reach. Litteraly out of reach –

To understand the scope of what may have been happening near the town of Triangle, Virginia 30 years ago went into history – and largely is now
part of it. So in other words – even sitting near the congress building will warrant a visit from the police – the capitol – police –

Do you understand the next things from the “momentum” of a disbanded party of democrats -/? Do you know what Democrats are -? First there is a party –

The advantage of a party is that standing together we are better off than the next person – for example – a group of workers gathers after work to
have drinks – well- as it turns out – it is nearly that same group of people sharing cigarettes outside at the referendum – litteraly the same
group of people. – that the Govenor of Virginia would now like to offically charge – by banning cigarette smokers –

This is particularly difficult to understand while all of your party members suffer from some kind of health problem – and continue to smoke cigarettes.
Easily the argument of Nancy Pelosi. This problem is obviously not going away.

What problem is that you may ask – well. – no one is above the law. The President will be held accountable – as he has for many many years – and
it goes without saying that we will all suffer because of it. Not just me – having been the focus of many many career nightmares.

What will the president say about this that or the other thing – Is it good that he acknowledges you – Is it good that he had -? For example, I have
no idea what he has had in mind by saying, “Trump administration officials” trump administration officials means to say literally – the police.

What do the police have to say about your absence? – they have to earn their badge – first.

I used to like laying on the carpet and reading the messages written on the furniture – which is undoubtedly illegal. – As it turns out the cat had
something else to say when I looked through the curtains one day –

I went on – I saw the same thing on the playground at school – the cat was very clever – above what is now – wide awake estates in sleepy hollow.
I had better be on my toes. Because looking at me in the classroom one day was – a very very stringent and terrifying teacher –

It was then more than – necessary to memorize – yes memorize the multiplication tables and at the same time 1st grade – put nothing beside 3rd grade – when they are all going to be sent to jail – begin to write in cursive before you forget who was taking the orders.

“No additional step is required,” Deutch later added.

Not so, these are the words of an Archbishop – or even President Regan. Deutch is undoubtedly an astute enemy – or an insurmountable token granted by a famous actor. The Military is and was very terrible topic of discussion – What famous actor is this he says – rather boldly – ignorant to the many thieves in line for the position of physician – or bachelor of anything – but a requirement for a priestly duties – is to go to the office to reprimanded for a lackluster performance of the lion the witch and the wardrobe rather than your assemblage – what ever that may have been –

Permanently –

“The Mueller report clearly details that he deserves it,” Castro says.

I dont know that he does – my bank account is negative $51 –

I cant manage this nonsense let alone discuss what impeachment is – this when they should kindly pull the tall glass of Crown Royal away from your hand – but they ardent listening well.

The House voted to impeach President Johnson on February 24, 1868, three days after he dumped his secretary of war, a radical Republican named Edwin M. Stanton.

Johnson’s move followed repeated clashes with the Republican Congress over how to treat the South during the reconstruction process.

Mr. Bill Clinton himself said this, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong.
It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible.”

So, the answer to the Republicans is not in their favor at all – disputing sharpened number 2 pencils – that they – and I say they lightly – do very well
altogether – When shouting “no hamsters – no hamsters – no hamsters” is more appropriate. While Criminals take offense at this – saying likewise – this is our wood – and your responsibility to higher education is beyond reprimand –

So says – THE POLICE.

I am very lucky to be part of my society and my country even if it were from the same pen. wow.

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