Facebook Connected Her to a Tattooed Soldier in Iraq – Renee Holland

dumb article

Mr. Holland shot and killed Ms. Holland and her father at their new home. Mr. Holland then turned the gun on himself. It was not time to re-up –

Wow that conversation is hot. – The object there is – there is an Indian burial mound across the way – I am 40 years old and she is on her way over in a shower curtain – on one hand are the marks left by a rubber duck – and on the other is – hazard pay? –

“She was looking for a buff, tattooed man in uniform, just like”

Photos? – What photos – If my experience with this was anywhere near – Ms. Hollands problem – taking photos of planets is strictly prohibited – at the risk of loosing your head –

“She drove to a strip mall, bought sleeping pills and vodka, and downed them.”

What in the world – she doesn’t have any collateral barter – there is no reason to meet this man other than loosing your mindaltogether – even if my heart was dragged by the evidence of my blood on the airport floor –

Even then – taking a later flight because you missed the first one – is no reason to miss Ms. Holland

“cheat vulnerable and lonely women out of their money. ” boldly says the planet mars – why you would impersonate anything in Facebook is beyond the scale of dumb –

As if you haven’t forgotten – silicon valley is named after the Humbolt Valley – in California. I just recently talked with silicon valley and I told them that unfortunately there was no way to avoid standing out as another animal – a bear.

Yes. A bear – a 10ft. grizzly bear is the only thing left standing in front of the flag pole – after visiting the grand canyon gift shop –

“There are so many people out there that are lonely, newly divorced, maybe widowed,” said Kathy Waters, head of a group called Advocating Against Romance Scams.

Then why is it advantageous to use your brand – for example mine : weedbox or simply your name, Michael Kearney or sssquirrel if you want to get weird about it. –

This: https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=uzJDXednruXmApq9pvAE&q=sssquirrel&oq=sssquirrel

sssquirrel sssquirrel sssquirrel – there is no way to escape alright? –

The article goes on to say, that there are fake profiles –

no. no there not fake –

This is a very serious problem – take the clothes off of me -says the CIA/. A worthless waste of time and money – so how did you make contact with your trailer park buddies -? Is what he says next – at the expense of your nose –

That is an African secret – you must offer him a kill – I say: so this gets even more complicated – for the man on the street – a burnt offering – despite the hills of San Fransisco – to the street with the most curves in the world –

Lombard Street

See that sign there – it reads “Do Not Enter”

It gets worse than that – I am waiting for the times to push me into creating a real dating site – one that is free from crap – one that is more important than strange people that you already know at the airport – lol

Jack Nicas

Facebook: have you ever met them in person?

Me: yeah… she waited tables… that wasnt the last. I drove all the way to maryland …and one time I met someone in new york…I talked to her all day

Facebook:thanks for the honesty i aprreciate it. I’m in! do you ever have a bad experience meeting someone online?

Me: zzzz yes she was an old friend no. I stopped doing it …. I didnt have a means to an end.try astrology+++

Facebook: what do you really want from me?

Me: ahhh … what is it you ask… I have to be clear… if that is whats happening…I need a wife…lol +++

Facebook: okay dont mind me …i must confess i am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with

Me: oh … well yeah… they meet outside the front … for a bit… yes…I dont want to meet any one of them on a bad day

Facebook: what you doing for a living?

Me: hrrrrmmm///

Facebook: be sincere

Me: I work at making enough to go sking ….go to the beach …travel sometimes I like to go fishing lol..

Facebook: do you live alone?

Me: alone … what do you mean top say does it have to do with what I think it does zzzz

Facebook: what do you think?

Me: I am not lude… no but I have never had anyone over for dinner … in 13 years! zzz

Facebook: saee you soon … +++

Me: lol one guy said…your not making any money doing this …and I said ./ well its fascinating just as well


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