The Blair Witch Project’ at 20: Why It Can’t Be Replicated

disgusting film

If high school was anything I can remember it had nothing to do with finding your missing “friends”. There was no way to break free from the three absence rule – which includes being late a few number of times – and at times – of inconvenience – it was not a frighting as the slamming door.

Not because you had planned it – where is my man -?

Just get away from me seemed to fit more often than not. Do you understand what this means to say? – It means to say that – despite your grevences – you will fail the semester course.

Things were turning for the worse with Mrs. Wilson and I – despite burnt toast and coffee time. The worse part – if you are not dressed out for gym class – you will also fail the semester.

What does this imply for someone without a high school diploma? – Someone without united states citizenship -? a lot.

People who have come to America don’t have a high school diploma – this was very very interesting – what in the world do they possibly do for work if attending class was a waste of time – they often moved too quickly for fully examining the material – Students would transfer or compete often for AP courses – a even more serious waste of time.

So, what does reading the Bass Pro catalogues and the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide twice in one day say anything about it? Oh well, the Blair Witch project has something to say – why don’t you listen to that? – the Spanish.

I have never seen the film.

One day – one of our friends went missing – looking for him was impossible – walking up and down the neighborhood – walking. – I think finding the party was more important. than –

A whole lot of things the Spanish had in mind

These are par for the course – you owe them something – you don’t know what it is – every part of your life is thrown as-cue. Sounds like California to me – But what about the blind? The blind are forced – to attend High School.

For example , will I ever- and I mean ever find the answer to the mystery – of divulging the idea – that there is a higher power – and why bother contacting it is so important – Isn’t it already there -?

No. –

The storm rages- and rages – near the high school building – where we smoked cigarettes – we – being the idea – they did not hear – having been told –

Anything and nothing was up to the smoking stairs – until there was a divergence –

There were three problems:

  1. The giant viet buddah –

2. The ghastly sight of displaced wendigo – that presumably belonged to the depths

3. The mentally ill and retarded-

You could start with the retarded – did you know that they aren’t retarded? – They jump in the fire – like joining the terrible football team and cursing their peers – except – not there

Not there ? You say – if I’m not there then I am ab-cent -Then what about the mentally ill – there’s not much more to say than – what is facing these these illicit problems – if I am not facing them myself – stop talking to me already –

I was talking to you – at the lake – remember the frogs ? – at the depths – Well good thing that they are at the lake because – oh my. god. never-mind. Alright?

The buddah statue took some time to understand –

Collect enough coins to start worshiping a cow – as it was popular to say – when you have enough of them – they gather – back to the
get away from me problem – to another – the sickly movie playing about the sick – the Blair witch project –

Where oh where is your mother – it seemed to say – again and again – You had better figure all – of that into your plan – because there was something else we didn’t know – witchcraft !– lol

But forget about that – this 30 minute film is so difficult to understand it may have already decided weather we know or not.

California – Arizona – Alexandria – Falls Church – omg. How is that for a recording.

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