why don’t you focus on your district!?



A terrible consequence for an insurmountable problem – when to visit the temple. I typically visit the temple after a long walk – to be absolutely sure of my already – very steady hand.

Although invisible to some, Elijah Cummings is no fraud – and Baltimore is one of if not the lonleist places in the world. – Its altogether simple – catch the bus – go to the center square – on another bus is the gateway to the rest of the country – the Amtrak station.

But what happened to Crystal City? – My date in between lunch hours at the Chinese restaurant. Stop pulling my leg – where did she go? – Shes not singing any more – that you can be sure of –

Donald Trump doesn’t agree – and if you had ever met him before – even in the slightest – no one denies him his name – Mr. Trump does this – Mr. Trump does that – and it was only at the Capitol Building that you are denied access – to Northern California altogether.

There is better news – an Anthony Kedis – drawn out – twisted in a managery that in no way resembles the Smithsonian Castle but being 30 minutes late for the second course. Timeliness is inescapable. He is very hard to hear –

What is the next step – I would suppose being present – an impossible dream – a farcical hoax. Not so.

I have done the best I could an nothing can escape – the reassurance – the comfort of the MARC train that is headed home – for sure. lol

On the weekends – is another problem – navigating your way to the inner harbor – a bridge to a never ending wallet – a place where frauds gather –

A mistake I had made early on – there is no such occupation – I had met another Unix administrator – just as well.

Scaled between us – Donald Trump and Elijah Cummings have very little in common – except Mr. Cummings has a better looking suit. – than Donald Trump. It nearly pains me to write this – to think about how bad it is –

Because I left North West DC – and had another salad. What did Donald Trump have in mind? – What does this have to do with Mr. Cummings –

Baltimore does well for West Chicago – Driving an 18-wheeler truck – Baltimore stops on a dime and turns the heads of the most seasoned – frog prince. A terrible problem far away – from both of them –

How will he gain his composure – my guess is that neither of them willingly has any idea – how to get back to the train! Or go to Hawaii to see the telescopes – for that matter – making Baltimore a very beautiful place to live.

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