Mindfulness promotes itself as value-neutral


While Sahanika Ratnayake writes an article as Graduate Student in Philosophy, University of Cambridge – I sit and drink tea. – It is a dutiful brand – Tetley – known for saying among-st other things – where not to reach. The difference – regular mindfulness meditation reduces stress levels and builds resilience.

Assuming resilience is not a video game, feelings are many different things – but mostly resentment – resentment for the mentally ill who are adjudicated through criminal courts – to the extent of finding mushrooms on an institutional planned outing arrangement –

Thats not good enough –

She goes on to say that: ” or was I just not a good fit for this kind of research? ” Those are some heavy things to ascend besides – The thing is – answering how. – What have I done to deserve this? –

“see how ideas have migrated to the contemporary mindfulness movement.”

Migrated? – So, She means to steal your books and papers and come to kiss the frog prince her self; while she does roofing as a side job because the Spanish tile roofs are just not enough –

“Mindfulness has become something of a one-size-fits-all response for a host of modern ills –”


“Others point out that the goals of psychotherapy and mindfulness do not match up with core Buddhist tenets:”

What she is doing is saying that eating your imaginary friend is not up for debate because he was the making of a murder – why should you worship your imaginary friend is another. –

This is absolutely disgusting:

“Seeing them as drifting leaves can help us gain a certain distance from the heat of our feelings, so as to discern patterns and identify triggers. But after a certain point, mindfulness doesn’t allow you to take responsibility for and analyse such feelings.”

What can you do? – nothing really -If this disgusting Egyptian idea is taken any further; too much – taking care – that she had not allowed this cursing to continue – to strange – places – Places that are unfamiliar and confusing – they are all but the triggers –

For example – this morning Mars – the planet showed me something strange – I was reposed normally with my elbows akimbo – only to be denied – once more – like modeling a fashion show – trespassing even –

Isnt this a trigger – So putting the horn of Africa aside – what I did was isolate the trigger – and project its path- ! Obviously she has more to learn –

Go inside the path – get your life back – instead of saying the ugly things she has said in the paragraph – what was the life that I found -? Is it ugly ? It may be only temporary.

My cat. My cat was – among-st other things – traveling the interstate – driving somewhere – but I was brought back here – before entering my home – all the same I went on – there then appeared a planet from the life I had lost –

Finally what Elysium could possibly endure the onslaught from the University of Cambridge –

“since they allow for no notion of individuals as enmeshed in and affected by society at large. “

I don’t know right? – You had better know – a Catholic edit to an otherwise – jumbled – “horizon” . lol

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